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SheWired’s Shot of The Day: The Radiant Rashida Jones

SheWired’s Shot of The Day: The Radiant Rashida Jones

There is a moment in just about every workday when we come across something sexy, gratuitous and completely pointless that we wish we could post but don't under the auspices of there being nothing lesbian about it and often there being no redeeming value. Well, we at SheWired have made an executive decision to just throw any of our pseudo-feminist caution to the wind and to just post our favorite shot of the day, whether it be sexy, salacious, or just because...
We’ve had a thing for Miss Rashida Jones since she popped up on The Office and our crush has only grown watching her weekly on NBC’s Parks and Recreation.


She showed off some of her comely charms for GQ and talked about the tough task of making out with the equally fetching Zooey Deschenel in this summer’s Our Idiot Brother.

Our Idiot Brother Trailerby teasertrailer

Talk about a hard job.'

"I feel like I've come a long way from my first job,” Jones admits to GQ, “when I had to get mouth-to-mouth resuscitation from Rip Torn."


For more on Rashida’s foxy lesbian lawyer role, read her Advocate interview here.
Get more Jones in GQ here.

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