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YouTuber Hank Green Announces His Cancer Is In Remission

YouTuber Hank Green Announces His Cancer Is In Remission

Hank Green

The much-loved science communicator said he is "officially in complete remission."

Bi YouTuber Hank Green is in remission!

After being diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma three months ago, the science communicator announced on August 21 that he is now in “complete remission.”

"Chance of relapse is low, but still very present," Green wrote on X (formerly Twitter). "I have a scan in three months to make sure everything's still good. Then we keep a close eye on it for two years and then a medium eye on it for the rest of my life. They don't call it 'cure' until five years from today."

Green continued, saying that there are still hard roads ahead, “And then there's dealing with post-treatment health, which is certainly not perfect. You don't get out unscathed! Still working through some pain, some fatigue, migraines...anxiety, of course. But honestly...holy sh*t y'all. Feels good.”

The 43-year-old brother of bestselling author John Green, first announced his diagnosis of a form of cancer that attacks the lymphatic system, on May 19 in a YouTube video as well as on other social media platforms like TikTok.

He explained that he went in for testing after noticing that his lymph nodes had become enlarged. "I talked to my doctor," Green said in the video. "She says, 'Probably nothing, will send you in for an ultrasound.' Got an ultrasound. The tech in the ultrasound room was like, 'I'm gonna go get a doctor.' And that's not what you want to have happen."

Green, who first mentioned he was bisexual in response to a tweet about the attractiveness of Ryan Reynolds, also explained that he wasn’t sure if he and his brother would be able to continue to create content while he was undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment. "We'll figure it out as we go one day at a time," Green said. "And I continue to be extraordinarily grateful for so many of the things in my life, including this."

Despite all of the side effects from the cancer treatment he underwent, Green never stopped making content for their Vlogbrothers YouTube Channel and he even used his cancer diagnosis as a way to teach people about the science behind cancer and cancer treatments for Instagram and on his popular TikTok channel.


Still working through some pain and fatigue and anxiety and a few other unpleasant symptoms, but this is very good.

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