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How Jennifer Coolidge Discovered She Was Featured In A Gay Porn

How Jennifer Coolidge Discovered She Was Featured In A Gay Porn

Jennifer Coolidge and Michael Urie in Single All the way
Courtesy of Netflix

Her reaction is so pure.


The gays love Jennifer Coolidge — and frankly, what’s not to love. She gives and gives, so is it really any surprise that she would pop up in gay porn? Well, one of her best scenes from Single All The Way has, anyway.

Here’s how it all went down. A video of a recent adult film’s opening has gone viral because it features Coolidge’s scene where she, as Aunt Sandy, is talking about being a gay icon. “It’s because the gays just know how to do stuff, you know?” she says in the clip. “They’re survivors and for some reason, they are always obsessed with me. I don’t know why, I like it.”

The actors watch the video together giggling, then one of them agrees that “gays do know how to do stuff,” and the two begin making out. This is what we call art imitating life.

“this porn intro is insane 😭”

The clip sent gay Twitter into a spiral and, of course, it didn’t take long for the viral clip to make it back to Coolidge herself. In typical fashion, the icon was delighted and celebrated the inclusion.

Like From Grindr Aunt Sandy GIF - Like From Grindr Aunt Sandy Jennifer Coolidge - Discover & Share GIFs

Evan Ross Katz, writer and friend of Coolidge, shared a clip from the film with the actress and posted a now-deleted screenshot of their conversation.

“You’re the opening to a gay porn. You’ve REALLY made it,” wrote Katz.

Coolidge was delighted. “I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time, that is so f**king funny,” she replied.

She isn’t the only one getting a kick out of the clip. Gay twitter is cheering and praising its... accuracy.

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