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One Of The Boys Trailer Teases A Sweet Gay Coming-Of-Age Tale

'One Of The Boys' Trailer Teases A Sweet Gay Coming-Of-Age Tale

One of the Boys
Courtesy of Viaplay

This nordic queer romance arrives in June.


If there’s one thing we can never have too many of, it’s queer coming-of-age stories. Happily, a new one is on the way this June, just in time for Pride.

One of the Boys is a Danish series (with English subtitles) about a young queer boy named Lau who feels the overwhelming pressure to fit into his hyper-masculine town during a summer camp trip that’s also a test of manliness. Fortunately, Lau isn’t going through this alone: He spots another boy, Aksel, a newcomer whose rebellious (and queer) spirit is immediately apparent. The two strike up a friendship — and maybe more.

The series explores themes of sexuality, masculinity, bullying, queerness, and, of course, feeling different from the community around you. It’s a relatable tale for many queer folks, particularly those who, like Lau, grew up in smaller provincial towns.

One of the Boys arrives on Viaplay on June 8. Viaplay is a streaming service that offers movies and television series from Europe and is a producer of Nordic films, series, and documentaries. One of the Boys is a Viaplay Original, and was supported by the streamer’s Talent awards, which is a student initiative offering mentorship, production, resources, and a streaming platform for student creators across the Nordic region.

Watch the trailer for One of the Boys below.

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