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We Rank All 97 The L Word Sex Scenes!

We Rank All 97 'The L Word' Sex Scenes!

L word sex scene stills
Courtesy of Showtime

We watched all of the sex scenes in The L Word and ranked them. It was hard work, but somebody had to do it.


All 97 of 'The L Word' Sex Scenes, Ranked!

The L Word sex scene stills

Courtesy of Showtime

We are just as obsessed with The L Word: Generation Q as you are, but the original series will always hold a special place in our hearts (and our sexual awakenings). There was nothing like the L Word before it came along, a series that was unapologetically focused on the lives and loves of a group of queer women. Was it always perfect? No. But was it always sexy? Heck yes.

To celebrate the show that was, we got the brilliant notion—at least it seemed like at the time—to rank all of The L Word’s sex scenes. For one thing, never before had lesbian sex been so unabashedly depicted on the small screen, so there’s some actual value in our decision to painstakingly chronicle all of the scenes. But mostly, we just thought it would be fun to relive all of the series’ sexy times—the good, the bad, and the ugly. And while we maintain that it was fun to revisit them, it has pretty much taken us forever to execute our definitive (not really, but it sounds good) ranking of all 97 of The L Word's sex scenes!

We have a few notes before we dive into the rankings. First, we included only those sex scenes that involved at least one major character. We attempted, by and large, to include actual sex scenes, so you won’t see your favorite heavy petting, make-out, or foreplay scenes listed — this list would be 1000 scenes long! Although, in cases where it was tough to tell just how far things had gotten in the actual world of the scene, we just included it.

When it comes to sex scenes, more is more. And regarding the rankings—it’s completely arbitrary. One person’s interpretation of what constitutes good sex differs vastly from another, which is why bad sex between two people exists in the world. Essentially, we ranked the ones we found the least sexy, pointless, creepy, sad, odd, or boring toward the lower end of the spectrum. Those that got the most bang for the buck ended up toward the top.

Finally, we fully concede to The L Word aficionados of the world that we may have missed a scene. Watching sex scenes for hours on end is hard, and there could have been a glitch in our process. Perhaps we were distracted by all of the nudity. If we missed or forgot your favorite scene we offer a collective mea culpa.

Now, on to the rankings!

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