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7 Ways To Cope With Your Crazy Star Wars Friend This Week

7 Ways To Cope With Your Crazy Star Wars Friend This Week

7 Ways To Cope With Your Crazy Star Wars Friend This Week


Sorry, but this week belongs to us, the Star Wars geeks. Feel free to join our ranks, but we're not letting anything get in our way. We've waited for this day longer than you've waited for Coachella tickets, longer than you've waited to find a boyfriend, longer than you've waited to breakup with that boyfriend. All this waiting has, well, made us a little crazy. We admit it. But we DGAF. Just give us this one week. Please. Ok, and maybe a week or two after this week.

We know we may be a bit much during this awakening of the Force, so here are some ways you can cope:

1. Watch any/all of the previous movies with us.

It'll make us think you care AND it'll shut us up — we don't talk during these movies.


2. Share at least one Star Wars related joke/reference with us.

We KNOW you've seen SOMETHING about Star Wars on Pinterest/Tumblr/Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat/Vine/ Facebook — even if you don't know what the eff it means, we'll love it.

Vader Dancing

3. See The Force Awakens with us.

It doesn't HAVE to be opening night, but we really really really think you'll like this movie.

Come with me

4. DO NOT tell us you hated it — unless we hated it also.

The chances of us hating this movie are approximately 3,720 to 1. So unless we give you the go-ahead to badmouth Episode VII, keep your hateful opinions to yourself.

Shut up

5. Get us drunk.

Sure we'll probably talk about some of our fan theories and argue the practicality of a crossguard lightsaber, but at least we'll be drunk.

Force Drunk

6. Take us shopping for Christmas presents — for OTHER people.

Remind us that Christmas is only a few weeks away and that we still need to buy our friends and family presents with the few pennies we have left after spending our last seven paychecks on Star Wars merchandise and advance tickets.


7. Just become a huge fan already!

Star Wars isn't going anywhere. We've got Rogue One coming next December, Episode VIII coming the following May, a young Han Solo movie, Episode IX — resistance is futile.

Yoda Dance

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