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6 Lesbian Cartoon Characters That Need to Come Out Now!

6 Lesbian Cartoon Characters That Need to Come Out!

6 Lesbian Cartoon Characters That Need to Come Out!

The things you notice when you watch cartoons as an adult...

Have you ever binge-watched your favorite childhood only to be weirded out by how many dirty jokes you missed? Most importantly, have you ever watched and thought, "HOW IS THIS CHARACTER NOT OUT OF THE CLOSET?" Clearly, we have.  Here are our top 10 'most likely to be lesbian' cartoon characters.


6. Spinelli from Recess

Dat beanie tho. That's all I'm gonna say for this one. 


5. Phil and Lil's mom from Rugrats. 

She had a deep-ass voice and her husband was a bit of a wimp. Plus, she totally rocks the dyke hair cut and the female symbol on her sweater. 


4. Buttercup from The Powerpuff Girls

She wasn't the favorite, but she was always 'mean muggin', and she was a bad-ass.

3. She-Ra Princess Of Power

Prince Adam got his share of laughs for looking like a straight-up leather daddy but the Princess also had some pretty on-point fetish gear. Not to mention... she has the gayest ride known to the universe. 

2. Velma 


The gang includes Shaggy - the stoner, Fred -  the metrosexual, Daphne - the Paris Hilton of the 70's and Velma...the lesbian (we think.) Velma's awkward lesbian uniform isn't the only gay giveaway. She's the only one who can ever solve the mysteries and never seems to crush on either of the guys. Shaggy is always in a haze and Fred, well, he has flesh colored eyes, so there's that. But it seems like Velma has her eyes on the sweetest prize -- Daphne. 


1. Peppermint Patty 

Short hair, plaid shirt and sandals AND she's rarely seen without her best friend Marcie, who refers to Patty as 'sir..." Enough said! 


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