This New Comic Con Is the Diverse Con to End All Cons

Raffy Ermac

Those of us who have attended comic and pop culture conventions before know that these kind of events have an amazing atmosphere to them, and are filled with people of different backgrounds celebrating all of the geeky, nerdy things they love the most. But while cons do indeed bring a lot of different people thogether, diversity isn't always one of the main highlights of the event—that's where Universal Fan Con comes in. 

The proposed convention, which is set to take place in Baltimore, Maryland in April of 2018, is raising money to bring the idea of the "first multi-fandom con dedicated to inclusion, highlighting women, LGBTQ, the disabled and persons of color" to life. 

"Many cons, no matter how well meaning, limit the idea of inclusion to a diversity panel, never really integrating the spirit of an inclusive world into the fabric of the con itself. This can leave many feeling isolated and marginalized, in essence, like the outsiders so many of our heroes tend to be," the organizers of Universal Fan Con said in a statement on their official Kickstarer page. "Universal Fan Con grew out of the idea that a con should be a space where everyone can see themselves represented in the genres that they love. From the panels, to the celebrity guests and activities, all the way down to the parties, we believe that the con experience should be a celebration of the differences that make us strong."

At the time of reporting, Universal Fan Con has raised an astounding $33,154 of their original $25,000 goal, successfully accomplishing their mission to fund an inclusive, diverse con for everyone.

The organizers continued:

"In this time of political divisiveness rooted in fear, Universal Fan Con is here to celebrate the power of inclusion and representation."

Watch Universal Fan Con's pitch video below, and contribute to their Kickstarter fundraiser here (the deadline to contribute is Thursday, January 12).

h/t: NewNowNext

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