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A Brazilian Politician Thinks Elsa From Frozen Is Turning Kids Gay

A Brazilian Politician Thinks Elsa From 'Frozen' Is Turning Kids Gay

A Brazilian Politician Thinks Elsa From 'Frozen' Is Turning Kids Gay

Just when we thought we had heard it all...


While it's no secret that many LGBTQ+ fans would absolutely love it if Elsa, one of the main characters from Disney's hugely popular Frozen franchise, turned out to be queer, one Brazilian polititican is taking the fans' love for her to the extreme, claiming that the Arendelle royal is actually turning kids gay.

While giving a speech last year at the Defence of the Family lecture in Divinópolis, conservative religious activist and Brazil's Human Rights Minister Damares Alves made some...interesting comments about a fan theory shipping Frozen's fan-favorite hero Elsa and fellow princess Sleeping Beauty.

"You know why she only ends up alone in an ice castle?" Alves asks the crowd, according to RT. "Because she is a lesbian!"

As if that comment wasn't a huge enough feat of mental gymnastics, Alves also goes on to complain that Disney is teaching young girls to wait for their "princess charming" instead of their rightful "prince charming." (As if that's a bad thing?? Because god forbid young girls ever learn that they don't need a man to be happy!)

Wow! Who knew Elsa had such power?!

All jokes aside, it's still frustrating to hear people think that seeing a queer character (or in Elsa's case, a character who everyone wants to be queer) can magically change someone's sexuality. A majority of LGBTQ+ millennials (and queer people of other, older generations) grew up watching shows and movies that were overwhelmingly centered around straight characters and had literally NO queer characters, and that still didn't make our asses any less gay! *deep sigh*

Alves' words might be cringe-worthy, but at least we're now more motivated than ever to see Elsa kick some butt in Frozen 2, which is coming out pretty soon! 

If you're out there looking for your princess charming, Frozen 2 will hit theaters this November! Watch the first teaser trailer in the video below.

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