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Of all the gender identities that have come into the public eye recently, gender-fluid is one of the most elastic. Are you only conscious of your gender in certain situations? Do you feel no exclusive attachment either to “man” or “woman”? Do you sometimes feel like one or the other, but not consistently? Well, then, you very well may be gender-fluid. has all the latest on the gender-fluid identity, from the trending gender-fluid voices to news about the gender-fluid community.

15 cisgender privileges you may not realize you have

Understanding this is one step to being the best ally possible to transgender people.

​These 44 Stars Came Out In 2023 ​

Celebs, athletes, drag stars, and more joined our rainbow family this year!

Stevie Mathers, Eminem's Genderfluid Child, Hard Launches Their New Romance

This is the type of tea we love hearing!

Adult Film Star Queen Sir JET Calls Out Major Studios in New Song

The content creator is calling the shots with her new empowerment anthem.

12 Characters That Destroy Traditional Gender Roles

Some of our most beloved characters break free from the gender binary!

Bella Ramsey Comes Out As Gender Fluid

“I’m just a person.”

Watch: A Man Searches For His Mysterious Lover In Private Desert

The film was Brazil’s submission to the 2022 Oscars.

Grown-ish's Genderfluid Character Ignites Dating Stigma Conversation

Warren Egypt Franklin plays Des, a track star who shows up to a date in a dress. 

Eminem's Child Comes Out as Genderfluid, Shares Journey on TikTok

“Forever growing and changing,” they wrote. 

Marvel Confirms 'Loki' Is Genderfluid in New Trailer

The upcoming Disney+ series blessed attentive fans with an easter egg.

Cara Delevingne Felt 'Homophobic and Suicidal' Before Coming Out

The pansexual, genderfluid model and actor opened up about internalized homophobia in a recent podcast interview with Gwyneth Paltrow.

This Handy Video Is a Perfect Guide to Gender Neutral Pronouns

"They," "them," and "their" aren't the only options! 

Ruby Rose's 'The Doorman' Is the Badass Action Hero We've Waited For

"It's a huge honor," Ruby told PRIDE about playing a butt-kicking action star women and other underrepresented people can look up to. 

9 Characters That Destroy Traditional Gender Roles

Some of our most beloved characters break free from the gender binary!

'Drag Race' Star Gigi Goode Comes Out as Gender Fluid on TV

"I think that I’m both...and I’m neither."

New 'Animal Crossing' Game Goes Gender-Free

You can now customize your avatar without any regard to gender norms.

Dwayne Wade is Proud to Watch Child 'Become Who She Has Come Into'

His message on parenting is just flat out support your kids.

Billy Dee Williams Didn't Actually Come Out As Gender Fluid

It looks like a bunch of media outlets jumped the gun when it came to how the Star Wars actor identifies.

Billy Dee Williams Talks Gender Fluidity, Feeling Masculine & Feminine

The 'Star Wars' actor is embracing multiple pronouns.