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Hollywood's Obsession with Lipstick Lesbians and Bisexuality

Hollywood's Obsession with Lipstick Lesbians and Bisexuality

"The fantasy has become a reality. Between ads, movies, music, books and TV shows, society just can't get enough bisexuality. As witnessed in the famous Madonna-Britney-Christina kiss and MTV star Tila Tequila's adventures, society is fascinated by those who "bat for both teams." Bisexual pursuits have become so seemingly commonplace that one would think the world has gone "bi." But the research on bisexual numbers paints a very different picture: By all indications, true bisexual orientation is rare." Yvonne K. Fulbright/ Fox News "Sexpert"

What Fullbright says is right, how many people do you know who don't love when leading ladies fall for a smokin' hot co-stars? Even off the screen, couples like Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson are completely addicting to us, and who changes the channel when a replay of girls kissing plays again, no matter how many times they've seen it? Not me! 

That being said, I know I am not the only one who realizes Americans find bisexual women enthralling, and that is essentially the extent of interest. All except 1% of straight men, and a few women find lipstick lesbians intriguing. On the other side of things, "99.99 of straight men and 99.99 percent of women are repulsed by the onscreen depiction of men making love to men," according to an article on News Blaze.

As a supporter of gay rights since birth, and pretty recent super-hardcore activist for marriage equality (among other issues), I realize I am a lot more open-minded than most of my fellow Americans. Aside from living in Los Angeles, and all the chaos that comes with the Hollywood environment, I work in gay media, and one division of my company produces adult content. Despite not being able to go more than 5 minutes, ever, without dealing with gay love, in one way or another, it is definitely not what I want to spend my (non-existent) free time watching. That is, unless lesbians or bisexual women are involved, even if it means enduring the worst crap on TV. 

Another point to consider - switch-hitting males are rare, while most women can qualify as bisexual or bi-curious. Just like Robery Paul Reyes who wrote the News Blaze article, I do not have statistics as proof of that last statement, just far, far, far too extensive personal experience to believe otherwise. 

I appreciate Hollywood producers using our fascination with lipstick lezzies, and bi babes to boost ratings and profits. I mean, it is easy to get some hot chicks to be in a movie, not much harder to get them to make out, and look at all the money that is made. The enjoyment that come from watching becomes just the cherry on top of the yumminess.

In the end, all of this just means that ladies lovin' on ladies will continue serving as a basis in TV shows and movies. I, for one, hope that never changes. 


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