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How David Lauterstein Pursued The American Dream With Nasty Pig

How David Lauterstein Pursued The American Dream With Nasty Pig

How David Lauterstein Pursued The American Dream With Nasty Pig
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Who knew underwear could make dreams come true?


It all started with a jockstrap.

Nasty Pig serves as one of the leading gay men's clothing brands in the United States and next year they'll be celebrating their 30 year anniversary.

Husbands David Lauterstein and Frederick Kearney are the co-founders of the popular clothing line and started from scratch during the 1990's.

"It never gets old. We started with $50 and no experience in a tiny little store. The idea that my customers put food in my belly is never lost on me. The fact that people choose us, it's as powerful today as it was when we started," Lauterstein tells PRIDE.

When Nasty Pig first came out, the company was met with a ton of backlash and many in the LGBTQ+ community were dying from the AIDS epidemic.

"We started the company in 1994. AIDS was still killing our queer brothers and sisters. My husband and I went on this two-man mission to reacquaint our customers with that feeling of positivity about their sexuality and their identity. We were very unpopular for a very long time," Lauterstein says.

What makes this story so special is that Kearney was Lauterstein's first ever boyfriend and they're still together all these years later.

"[He] literally took my virginity. Nasty Pig was my idea and he invested his life in my dream and we built it together. His dream was to always have a beach house. After three decades of hard work, I bought him his dream house. I'm watching my husband be the happiest he's ever been and that is a feeling that is just unbelievable."

In business and in life, the hubbies have experienced a solid relationship for 30 years. So what's the secret?

"The reason why it works is because we hold up an authentic life together. It's not about being the perfect couple. Hold up authenticity, honesty, and love."

As they celebrate their milestones in their new Fire Island house, Lauterstein still remembers his humble beginnings before achieving the lifestyle he has today.

"When I came out, my queer ancestors died. They were taken from me. What they couldn't give to me, I want to give to people. I want to honor their lineage. Our ancestors who passed are giving my husband and I everything we want and need. I feel them shining on me."

To pick up a pair of Nasty Pig undies, click here. To see the full interview with David Lauterstein, check out the video below.

How David Lauterstein Pursued the American Dream With Nasty

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