10 Stupidly Funny Gay Tanks You Need This Summer

Gay tanks
Zachary Zane

Summer is so close. After this brutal (or not so brutal) winter, you earned the right to wear tanks all day every day. Here are a list of hilarious gay tank tops that you need to soak up the sun. 

1. I’d Bottom For Hillary

I'd bottom for Hilary shirt Pic

Who wouldn’t?

2. Unicorn Muscle 

Unicorn Muscle tank pic

Beats being a gymrat.

3. Nasty Pig 

Nasty Pig tank top pic

I'm confused. Do they sell tank tops or men? 

4. Look Human 

Look Human Tank Gay pic

Look Human has a ton of outlandish gay tanks. And, each one more ridiculous than the last.

5. FCKH8 

fckh8 tank pic

Blunt = Better

6. Zazzle 

So gay fart glitter Tank Pic

How magical...

7. Tooqueer 

Girl Bye Tank top pic

Bye Felicia.

8. Etsy-KimFitFab 

Woman sitting on my face tank pic

Right to the point.

9. Gaytanks 

Eat butt tank pic

Thankfully, it’s gluten free.

10. Redbubble 

Gay ships are yay ships tank pic

The YAY-est of ships.


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