Did JK Rowling Just Deny Sirius Black Is Gay?

Raffy Ermac

Potterheads have grown more and more attached over the years to the idea that beloved Harry Potter character Sirius Black in indeed gay, but after a weird Twitter exchange from the popular series' author JK Rowling, it looks like fans won't be getting a definite answer about his sexuality (in the same fashion as Dumbledore) anytime soon. 

It all started when JK drafted her (now-changed) Twitter bio to what appears to be 7 answers to a series of questions relating to Harry Potter. 

jk rowling twitter bio

The last three answers read "5) No, he isn't 6) No, he really isn't 7) Yes, I'm sure."

While the questions these statements are answering are still unknown, some fans took them to mean that JK was denying Sirius Black's queerness, and as expected, they were not happy about it. The #JKRowlingIsOverParty hashtag was sparked, with some internet users going so far as to accuse the British writer of homophobia

Never one to stay quiet, though, JK took to Twitter again to reveal that her Twitter bio was not addressing Sirius Black's rumored sexuality, and that people were too quick to jump to conclusions. What her Twitter bio WAS addressing, according to JK, was questions someone who was flooding her mentions had.

After JK addressed all of the confusion, fans took to Twitter again to show their support for the writer who has an awesome and progressive history of inclusion.

We're glad JK wasn't denying Sirius' gayness, but suffice to say, it's been one weird—and super—confusing day to be a Harry Potter fan. Will we ever know anything concrete about Sirius' sexuality? The world may never know...

At least JK isn't too frazzled by all of this drama.

h/t: HuffPo UK

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