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6 Up-and-Coming LGBT Bloggers To Follow

6 Up-and-Coming LGBT Bloggers To Follow

6 Up-and-Coming LGBT Bloggers To Follow

If you’ve spent any time looking at fashion blogs, you’ll quickly figure out that there is still a huge gap to fill when it comes to queer bloggers (especially on the female side of the spectrum). But with that being said, there are a few up-and-coming style blogs run by LGBT folk who we think you will enjoy following, not only for their style, but other things as well ;).


Banter! I was implying banter!

1. Yummertime


Brock Williams and Chris Lin are easily the most likable style bloggers in the webosphere right now. Their written content is hilarious, peppered with hilarious linked GIFs and they have the type of aesthetic that will make you jealous in a good way.

2. Qwear


Qwear is without a doubt the biggest lesbian-focused fashion blog out there. The content is incredibly well-written and thoughtfully curated, discussing things like masculinity, plus size fashion, and social connotations faced by femme, androgynous and butch-presenting queers.

3. Ian Michael Crumm

ian michael crumm

Ian is a fashion cameleon, changing his tone (from formal to urban) incredibly often. He regularly posts style shots, but he’s also passionate about traveling, tech and grooming.

4. She Does Him

she does him

Although lesbian blogs haven’t made as much headway as gay blogs have, lesbians have created quite a space for themselves on Tumblr. Most women repurpose queer female fashion on their Tumblr blogs (think Tomboy, Queering Style…), but Alison posts photos of her own style on her site, showing a different side to what is traditionally called “menswear.”

5. Oh Anthonio!

oh anthonio

Anthony is based in NYC and it shows in his photos, which always include the city as the backdrop to his gorgeously shot stills. You could call his style of three dimensional, since he draws inspiration from so many different aspects of his life. His looks and photos never disappoint.

6. Fit for a Femme

fit for a femme

With humble beginnings, Fit for a Femme begin in 2008 in order to “be the change she wanted to see,” and has since, written for Autostraddle and Qwear, as a femme style expert. Headed by a badass latina femme, Fit for a Femme offers style inspiration (for masculine-leaning women too!) and travel advice. Plus, they talk about their lives as moms, which is a narrative the world needs to hear more of!


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