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Sluts for Obama: Show Your Pride in SFO Gear

Sluts for Obama: Show Your Pride in SFO Gear
Diane Anderson-Minshall

I am a proud slut. Seriously. Love the word, love what it means, no slut shaming available in my world. Which is why I was thrilled to discover that lesbian, queer, trans, and bisexual women of all stripes have been involved in — and in some cases, as in Portland, Ore. — leading the charge at Slut Walks across the globe. Slut Walks, for those uninitiated, began after police in Toronto, Canada told women to stop dressing like sluts in order to avoid rape. The movement has since fanned out to dozens of cities in the U.S. from New York to San Francisco and the aforementioned Portland, where one straight male blogger was apparently so angered by the “petulant feminist” activists that he angrily asked readers if they really needed another “Portland lesbian parade.” (Answer, yes.)

But I missed every Slut Walk there was last year, partly because I have a demanding job and partly because these days I’m more likely to have my feet around my ears than pounding the pavement in protest (but, I’m always there in spirit, girls!). Still, when I want to let my freak flag fly like a petulant feminist, I just toss on one of the new Sluts for Obama tees. They proclaim my political and sexual positions handily.


They’re apparently angering conservatives who think the moniker “slut” should be saved for hollering at women who testify about healthcare in front of congress. The latest to be outraged? Tom McClusky of the Family Research Council, whose blog post today, “Liberals, you ignorant sluts” decries not just the slut-labeling liberals but the ignorant souls who are godless enough to sell Sluts for Obama clothing on CafePress (the worst injustice according to McClusky? You can buy a baby hat with the logo “SFO” on it. Oh the horrors. Baby sluts will be filling KinderCare all over America soon.

Get your Sluts for Obama gear here. 

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