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Book Excerpt: 'Dreaming of Her' by Maggie Morton

Book Excerpt: 'Dreaming of Her' by Maggie Morton

As part of our effort to profile more authors within the LGBT community, we present Maggie Morton.

Maggie's erotic short fiction has been published in a variety of anthologies. Her interests include psychology, Buddhism, river otters (according to her partner, her totem animal), and delicious food. Her reading encompasses biography and memoir as well as speculative fiction and in particular, novels written about mysterious books. She lives in Northern California with her partner and their Japanese Bobtail.

About Dreaming of Her:

Isa has begun to dream of the most amazing woman—a woman named Lilith with a gorgeous face, an amazing body, and the ability to turn Isa on like no other. But Lilith is just a dream...isn’t she?

Lilith is indeed real. She is a sexual Dreammaker, a being who exists solely to bring pleasure to humans while they sleep. And soon, Lilith finds she is falling for Isa, falling hard, something a Dreammaker is never supposed to do. Is there any way they can truly be together, or will their relationship have to remain as it is – just a dream?

Here is an excerpt from Chapter One of Dreaming of Her:

Isa raised her hand to the knocker, then hesitated. She was nervous about this night, even though she was pretty certain she looked amazing. She wore a skin-tight burgundy dress, with her eyes lined in black, her lips painted red, and her hair styled in a messy look that said, “I’ve just been fucked, and I don’t care if you know.” And who knew, maybe she’d get a chance to say that to someone inside. After all, she was meeting someone here, someone who certainly hadn’t been subtle about what she would do to Isa.

But would she allow this woman to touch her, to even come close to her? She was uncertain—she just hadn’t decided quite yet. Partially, maybe even entirely, it was because she’d never been with a woman before, and she didn’t even know what this woman looked like, just that she’d be here, waiting for her, and that this woman wanted her, wanted her desperately. But would Isa…would she decide to locate this woman? And if she did, would she do the things this woman had suggested? Dirty things that required undressing, touching, kissing…and more?

Well, she had to admit she was curious enough to be willing to enter the mansion, so she raised her hand to the silver knocker, knocked twice, then waited. It only took a few moments for someone to answer—a man who looked like he might be a servant, who wore a tuxedo. She was surprised that anyone here was wearing clothes, but perhaps the servants were excluded from the fun. From the fucking, to be precise.

“Enter, miss, if you please.” He opened the door wide, and then there was no turning back. Isa took one step into the house, and then another, and after a few more she heard the quiet sound of the door being shut behind her.

It took her a few moments to get used to the low light in the place, and then, as her eyes adjusted, she began to take in the room that spread out shortly after the hallway she stood in. The room was full of people, all wearing black satin masks, all in various states of undress. And the ones who were the most undressed were locked in congress, either getting ready to fuck or right in the middle of fucking. She couldn’t help getting incredibly turned on in mere moments, just from the sight. Something (possibly her pussy) pulled her forward, and she was inside the room only seconds later. Once there, she scanned the room, leaping from body to body, from flesh to flesh.

Her body was reacting in hard-to-miss ways, amidst all this nudity, all this incredibly hot depravity. A completely naked man approached her, his interest impossibly clear, as his dick was pointing straight toward her like a divining rod. “Are you free right now?” he asked, a bold smile joining his words.

“No, I’m…meeting someone here.”

“Oh, you are? Who?”

“Her name is…” And then she realized she didn’t know her name. What was she doing at a sex party, meeting someone—a woman—whose name she didn’t even know?

“Ah, I think I know who. She’s up the stairs.” He gestured beyond all the people that lay and stood in front of them, and she saw a wide staircase at the other side of the room, with lacquered black banisters and ruby-colored carpeted steps.

 “Is this her house?” she asked him, but he was already gone, most likely searching for someone to fill his needs in place of her.

She threaded her way through the people, stepping over a few legs and torsos, her arms brushing against a few very intimate body parts—a hard cock and a woman’s bush—but when their owners looked at her, she just shook her head. She had a mission—she was here for her, and her alone, and, she realized now, absolutely no one else would do.

She soon arrived at the bottom of the stairs and got ready to climb them, but first she took off her heels. The velvet carpet on the stairs, incredibly sensuous against her bare feet, caressed the sole of each foot.

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At the top of the stairs was a set of double doors, but this time she didn’t knock. The woman knew she was coming, and she knew the woman wanted her here. She slowly opened the door on the right side and entered the room, then turned and pushed the door shut.

“You’re here,” came a voice, sexy and rather deep, but clearly a woman’s.

And there she lay, on the bed, completely naked, and Isa almost shook from pure, undiluted need.

“Yes, I’m here.”

Isa took her in. The woman had thick, garnet-colored hair that hung down to her nipples, almost obscuring them, but luckily for Isa, not quite. And then her curves. Oh, someone could talk about them for days—a true hourglass figure, unlike Isa’s own more subtle curves. But instead of being jealous of her perfect beauty, she just drank this gorgeous woman in, taking in her face last, which was the cherry on top of the sundae, with lips as pink as her cheeks and eyes a most startling gold.

The woman smiled and said simply, “Undress.”

Who on earth could turn down a woman like her? And so off came her dress, messing up her dark, curly hair a little, then her panties. Now she was naked and all of her belonged to the woman on the bed. Most of her nerves had fled by then, but they were still there, just a little, and as she climbed onto the large, four-poster bed, she couldn’t help but notice her body’s slight tension. The woman noticed it too.

“Are you nervous, my darling? Those wide-open, lovely gray eyes of yours seem to say you are.” She cupped Isa’s chin. “You have nothing to worry about. I know it’s your first time, and

you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.”

“There isn’t anything I don’t want to do,” she said, and she meant it more than she wanted to admit.

“Good. Well, I know a tried and true way to get rid of all those nasty little trickles of nervousness. Although, very occasionally, it can cause more. Tell me—have you ever eaten pussy?”

“No, never. You want me to do that to you?” Isa bit her lower lip, breaking eye contact for a moment, but her eyes were soon back on the woman’s lovely face.

“Yes, I do, very much. I can already tell you’ll find it as easy as riding a bicycle.” The woman lay back on the plush array of pillows and spread her legs, revealing the first pussy Isa had ever come face to face with. It was surprisingly beautiful, with full, flushed lips and what must have been her clit, standing at attention right above a very appealing hole, one that she couldn’t help but begin to tease with her fingers. The woman sighed, softly, and so she eased a finger, then two, inside her. It was warm, wet, even wonderful in there, and, well, she just had to taste her. So she dove right in.

Although Isa really had no idea what to do, it still seemed like she was doing well enough, considering the sounds the woman was making, sounds that pleased her to the bone, sounds that made her just as wet as the pussy pressed up against her tongue. Sounds that almost made Isa come just from their vibrations. And then, moments later, the woman was coming, screaming in ecstasy, making it clear that she had this down, that she had gotten it down fast.

She pulled back then, gazing up at the face above her, a face that held a delighted grin and glinting, golden eyes “Did you enjoy yourself, my darling?”

“Yes, oh yes, of course. Is it…could you…” She raised herself up onto her knees. Hopefully, if she was very, very lucky, the favor would be returned.

“If you want, I will—beep beep beep beep.”

“Huh?” What on earth did that mean?

“Beep beep beep…”

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