Out Model Kim Stolz Opens Lesbian-Leaning Restaurant in New York

Out Model Kim Stolz Opens Lesbian-Leaning Restaurant in New York
Sunnivie Brydum

Kim Stolz, best known as one of the first openly lesbian contestants on America’s Next Top Model, apparently has the chops to lead in fashion, finance, and food. Tonight marks the grand opening of Stolz's new "lesbian-leaning" eatery in Manhattan's SoHo district, called The Dalloway. Complete with pin-up girls adorning the website and calling cards, and fabulous photos of gorgeous, artsy ladies adorning the wall, New York Magazine described the venue as a "soap-opera boudoir — plush banquettes, crackling fireplace, Ke$ha on the stereo."

In true literary lesbian style, the bar and restaurant's moniker is a send-up to the well-known titular character of bisexual author Virginia Woolf's 1925 tome. As a self-described Woolf nerd, Stolz told New York Magazine that she resonates with the author's tortured past. "She was never really able to be comfortable in her skin," Stolz told New York. "Knowing the struggles that Virginia Woolf went through, it's an ode to her and a thank-you to her."

Stolz, a 29-year-old former reality star-turned Citibank executive, launched the eatery with the Real L Word's Amanda Leigh Dunn, hoping to create "a venue with a strong female team that is open to everyone," Stolz said.

The venue is based on West Hollywood's famous gay bar The Abbey, once a favorite haunt of Elizabeth Taylor. Upstairs, the Dalloway boasts a spacious dining room, serving small plates and entrees. Stolz and Dunn envision a venue where patrons can "bring your parents for dinner, and party your face off downstairs."

As for that rumor that lesbians don't party at the same business-sustaining level that gay boys do, Stolz isn't worried. 

"I think there has been a stigma that gay men love to go out, like to dance all night, like to go to really nice dinners, while lesbians like to stay home," Stolz said. "I am not sure if that was ever true. But what I know is it is not true now."

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