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7 Queer Girl Travel Problems

7 Lesbian and Bisexual Girl Travel Problems

7 Lesbian and Bisexual Girl Travel Problems

Vacation is a blissful time...mostly.

For Lesbian and Bisexual couples, going on vacation comes with a whole set of ridiculous truths. 


7. Packing is a nightmare.

Exactly how many bags are we taking? And exactly who is carrying them? 

6. Our room has two beds.
I guess cozy makes for a romantic vacay...
5. Hotel rooms tend to be vortex.
Well if we have to be cozy we might as well take advantage of it.
4. Everything is heightened on vacation.
Spending 24/7 vacation time together will likely make or break you. Literally.

3. Straight guys line up to help with your luggage or buy you drinks.
Thanks, but no thanks.
2 They also assume we are "vacation lesbians" and want to know if they can get in on the action at the first sign on PDA.
Yeah. Probably not gonna happen.
1. Your fellow vacationers continually ask if you're sisters? 
Uh, no.
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