6 Explicit Miley Cyrus CANDY Covers That Are 'Transversal'

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Miley on C☆NDY

One of Miley Cyrus C\u2606NDY covers.

Miley Cyrus wants the world to be more comfortable with fluid descriptions of gender and sexual orientation, going so far to create the Happy Hippie organization to aid LGBT youth. The superstar, who's already talked extensively about being gender-fluid and pansexual, is the cover model for the ninth edition of C☆NDY, a "transversal" fashion publication that's featured covers with James Franco in drag, as well as trans stars like Laverne Cox and Janet Mock. Luis Venegas, C☆NDY's editor, creative director, and publisher, was nice enough to share one of Cyrus's snippets from her interview: 

"What was really fun about the shoot for C☆NDY was being able to involve the aesthetic of myself and Terry but also Happy Hippie. It’s allowing me to break the wall for what a woman should be."

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