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Elsa Is Finally Getting a Girlfriend in Frozen 3?!

Elsa Is Finally Getting a Girlfriend in 'Frozen 3'?!

Elsa Is Finally Getting a Girlfriend in 'Frozen 3'?!

Tell us it's true, Disney!


Will Elsa finally get a girlfriend in Frozen 3????

Okay, okay, we keep getting our hopes up. But there may be something to it this time.

We Got This Covered is claiming they have heard from a reliable inside source that Disney is planning to queer up the family franchise after the upcoming film, with a female love interest for everyone’s favorite ice princess.

While there were originally rumors this might happen in Frozen 2, WGTC reports that their source said Disney felt it was too soon and didn’t want the movie to get banned in certain countries.

Queer fans have long been hoping Disney might one day introduce a queer princess, and Elsa has always seemed like the best possibility. It’s unheard of for Disney princesses to not have a love interest, yet Elsa didn’t have one in the first box office smash, and reportedly isn’t going to have one in Frozen 2, either. And yes, it’s true that sometimes people just don’t have love interests, but it’s also true that the reality of her not seeming to be interested in guys opens up the to speak...for her to be interested in ladies.

But Frozen 3, which hasn't even officially been announced yet, may be a long time away, so we probably have years to wish and debate and hope to throw Elsa a big ole coming out party with Frozen 3. In the meantime, get ready for Frozen 2, hitting theaters on November 22.

And keep those rumors coming. Because we absolutely will not let it go.

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