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WATCH: Peaches and Margaret Cho Get it Up in the Air

WATCH: Peaches and Margaret Cho Get it Up in the Air

WATCH: Peaches and Margaret Cho Get it Up in the Air

The singer releases yet another fearless teaser for her upcoming album.

Some of you may already have spotted the latest in Peaches' video releases for her upcoming album Rub, which, when released on September 25th, will be her first in five long years. The song  "Dick in the Air"  may well become a classic queer anthem, like so many of her songs that have come before.

But we'll let you judge for yourself (warning, NSFW):


My investment in this song is perhaps a little different. You see, I've been playing the equivalent of that childhood favorite, Where's Wally,because I just happened to be an extra on this particular video -- only I can't really find myself. Basically, I'm harder to find than Peaches in this gif below. 

Margaret Cho, the incredible comedian who brought us all the creative genius that is the My Puss rap battle, is really embodying me here. This scene is an appropriate illustration of what I've been looking like, scanning through the video almost frame-by-frame, trying to see if I can squint in the correct way to catch a glimpse of myself. Somewhere. Somehow. (Yes, I am now quoting songs from West Side Story in my desperation).

Okay, so I'm definitely not any of these people. But how could I not wish I'd had the opportunity to witness this moment as Margaret Cho honors the star of the great Barbara Streisland? And to get to hear Peaches spontaneously break out into song, with that classic of Striesland's, Memories... oh the envy.

Body check... one... two... three... four... five... Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. 

No, definitely not me. 

And given that it was about 100 degrees in that venue, and those amazing suits are crocheted from yarn... I'm actually a little relieved about that one. Envious. And relieved.

Okay, so I'm definitely here. In the second row of people, I think. It's like being second in line for the throne, and your older brother just won't give it up. Perhaps if you squint and focus extra hard between the legs, and the crawling... Nah, it's no good. I see my own face in the mirror every morning, and I still can't work out how to find it in that crowd.

This one! This one! I'm definitely in this one. I have to be - there were hours of being an enthused crowd, arms raised, while kneeling on a dusty floor and holding up a giant inflatable dick - there's got to have been a distinguishable shot of me in there somewhere!

Uh. No such luck. Maybe next time. 

I'll be keeping an eye out, because my face is in another of Peaches' upcoming videos in some way, and this is sure to be my lucky break. Keep your eyes peeled with me.


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