This J-Pop Boy Band Just Took Queerbaiting to the Next Level

Taylor Henderson

Japanese boy band MeseMoa's new music video features the group's nine all-male members making out with each other for four minutes.

Their single, aptly named "Shadow Kiss," is set in a church and shows all of the members in religious garb, dancing and kissing each other. With 36 kisses in total, the video is attracting a lot of attention and has amassed over 300,000 views since it's release, especially among Japanese girls.

RocketNews24 wrote, "Throughout the video, the boys can be seen in a number of poses usually reserved for anime and manga dedicated to "boys’ love," a subgenre of male homosexual romance that’s loved by legions of female fans."

When asked in an interview if anyone in the group was gay, the members of MeseMoa mysteriously replied: "I don't know."

So what's the deal? Is MeseMoa's latest music video a celebration of homosexuality, or just another case of queerbaiting?

Watch the provocative visuals for "Shadow Kiss" in the video below, and decide for yourself.


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