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Let's Relive Jaden Smith's Rainbow-Filled Tonight Show Performance

Let's Relive Jaden Smith's Rainbow-Filled 'Tonight Show' Performance

Let's Relive Jaden Smith's Rainbow-Filled 'Tonight Show' Performance

The singer (and Tyler the Creator's "boyfriend") performed a colorful AF rendition of his latest track "Cabin Fever."


So gender-bending fashion icon Jaden Smith stopped by The Tonight Show late last week to do a special live performance of his latest track "Cabin Fever," and we're not exaggerating when we say it is easily one of the most fun, colorful, and vibrant spectales we've seen in a hot minute.

The 22-year-old singer (and Tyler the Creator's supposed "boyfriend," though their exact relationship isn't quite clear) is literally singing (and moonwalking!) on an outdoor stage while wearing a rainbow-colored top, using a rainbow-colored microphone and microphone stand, and doing it all in front of a rainbow-colored car that is positioned under a giant rainbow arch.

In a drab world full of sadness and greyness, we're in desperate need of more happy, carefree, rainbow-filled artistry, so more vibes like this in the future, please!!

Watch Jaden Smith's colorful performance of "Cabin Fever" on The Tonight Show in the video below! 

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