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5 Badass Female Politicians You Should Keep Your Eye On

5 Badass Female Politicians You Should Keep Your Eye On

5 Badass Female Politicians You Should Keep Your Eye On

These women are making inroads in all kinds of ways.

The Clintons and Pelosis of the world get their time in the spotlight—here’s a list of the lesser-known but equally as important female politicians we should all know. 

1. Debbie Wasserman Schultz

A Democratic representative from Florida, Wasserman Schultz also serves as the chair of the Democratic National Committee. Despite being nearly constantly under fire from opponents, she has done a lot in the position, including playing a large role in turning Virginia blue. She has turned down the possibility of running for Senate to continue her role as chair, but we still see bigger things on her horizon.


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2. Tammy Duckworth

Duckworth is a representative from Illinois. A veteran, she had a double amputation in the Iraq War. She is known for such badassery as confronting an IRS contractor seeking veteran benefits for an injury sustained in a football game at prep school, saying “does your foot hurt? My feet hurt too.” She recently gave birth do a daughter in December of 2014, becoming one of a handful of women in Congress juggling motherhood and their careers.



3. Wendy Davis

After becoming well known for filibustering an anti-abortion bill in pink sneakers, Davis ran for governor of Texas.  Though she may have lost the gubernatorial election, we don’t see her stopping any time soon. Since the beginning of her career she has been pro-women and pro-LGBT rights and we’re expecting future progress in her name.




4. Kshama Sawant

Say what you want about socialists—this woman is an undeniable badass. A professor and politician, Sawant was one of the first socialists in nearly 100 years to be elected as a public official in Seattle. Upon being sworn in on Seattle City Council, she pledged to accept less than half of the $117k a year salary and donate the rest to social justice causes.  She is, most notably, a supporter of third parties and of women’s rights and raising the minimum wage.



5. Kate Brown

After being sworn in this February, Kate Brown became the country’s first openly bisexual governor. She became governor of Oregon  at the resignation of her predecessor, John Kitzhaber, and recently told the New York Times her focus would be on restoring the state’s trust in government and helping the struggling working family. 

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