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Judge Orders Removal of 'Gay Jesus' Movie From Netflix

Judge Orders Removal of 'Gay Jesus' Movie From Netflix

Judge Orders Removal of 'Gay Jesus' Movie From Netflix

Censorship is fun!


The controversy over Netflix’s gay Jesus comedy film has taken another negative turn.

A Brazilian judge has ordered the streaming service to remove the film, known in English as The First Temptation of Christ, as a temporary measure until a final decision over the film’s fate in the country is made.

The First Temptation of Christ is a satire that follows the story of Jesus as he brings home a man who appears to be his boyfriend to celebrate his birthday aka Christmas with his parents. God eventually appears to Jesus and tells him of his lineage and his destiny, forcing him to choose between fulfilling it or, presumably, continuing to be with his bf.

The movie has sparked outrage from Christians, initially in Brazil but eventually across the world. A petition demanding Netflix remove the film for so offensively portraying Jesus as gay has gained two million signatures, and conservatives have lamented that freedom of speech would likely prevent the film from being removed.

But apparently censorship is getting its way, at least for now, with the judge declaring that “the right to freedom of expression… is not absolute.”

It’s a disappointing turn, especially after the offices of the creative company behind The First Temptation of Christ, Porta dos Fundos, were attacked over Christmas. A far-right religious group claimed credit for the attack, and said the film was the reason for it. At least one suspect has fled the country.

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