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Adam Lambert Admits He's Gay in Rolling Stone?

Adam Lambert Admits He's Gay in Rolling Stone?

The not openly gay American Idol finalist Adam Lambert , will allegedly come out in an exclusive interview with Rolling Stone. A "well-placed" anonymous source at Rolling Stone, told the NY Post that Lambert will finally put the speculation to rest in his cover-story interview hitting newsstands next week.

American Idol finalist Adam Lambert, who has been dedicatedly noncommittal about his sexuality since shooting to fame on the Fox TV show, will allegedly finally come out in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine due out next month, according to Perez .

During a phone interview with E !, Lambert's mother Leila, still legally obligated to honor her contract with American Idol preventing her from disclosing personal information about her son's private life, offered a neutral no comment answer -- sort of!

" I would rather not answer until it comes out." Lambert's mom replied.

The 27-year-old singer Idol sensation has repeatedly avoided questions about his sexual preference in the past, despite numerous photos posted on the Web revealing him kissing men and dressing in drag.

Apparently Lambert's secret will soon be put to rest  according to a "well-placed" source at Rolling Stone who leaked the news to the New York Post confirming that Lambert's next month cover-story interview will once and for all answer the speculation.

"He didn't want it to be an issue during the contest, but he's fine with his sexuality," the anonymous source told The New York Post in an exclusive "off-the-record" interview.

Meanwhile Lambert continues to evade the subject telling people as recently as last week to "keep speculating" when asked about his sexual inclination.

The rumor comes shortly after American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi taped an interview on The View, which aired last Friday, in which she says she thought questions about Lambert's sexuality had already been answered.

"I don't think that Adam was ever in (the closet)," she said. "I think he was always openly out."

Walters then asked if Lambert "was always openly out" while competing on "Idol."

"I think he was," DioGuardi answered. "I mean, from what I've seen ... I do. I never thought he wasn't."

The New York Post said that Adam Lambert's decision to do the " coming out " cover is because he has finally reached a comfortable place in his life to openly talk about anything , including the much-mediated issue of his sexual preference. Furthermore,  according to the Rolling Stone source another reason for which Lambert has so far remained noncommittal was because  "he did not wish to have issues" while a contestant on American Idol.

Neither Rolling Stone nor Lambert's rep confirmed the cover news when called by the Post.

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