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We're Celebrating Pride All Year Long, and You Should Too!

We're Celebrating Pride All Year Long, and You Should Too!

We're Celebrating Pride All Year Long, and You Should Too!

Pride Media's new year-long initiative #Pride365 will bring everything you love about Pride to the comforts of your own home!


Pride is more than just a festival we celebrate one month out of the year. For us, it’s personal.

As Pride Media looks ahead to celebrating at home, the LGBTQ community’s strength is more important than ever. After all, it’s always someone’s first Pride.

As queer storytellers, activists, and innovators, we know that Pride is a symbol of freedom, hope, equality, protest, and activation. As queer people, we live and breathe it 365 days a year, which is why we want you to join us in celebrating our stories with Pride Media’s new year-round initiative.

Pride 365. Celebrating Pride Today. Proud Every Day.

Our brands (The Advocate, Out,, Plus, and Out Traveler) have been the backbone of the LGBTQ movement for over 50 years and have connected our community from before the Stonewall Uprising to long after marriage equality was won.

As COVID-19 continues to impact our lives and resources, we plan on continuing this mission by giving you content that not only unites us, but also empowers us.

Check out what we have planned!

ariana-grande-waving-pride-rainbow-flag.jpg’s "Portraits of Pride" (June 2020) 

In recognition and celebration of Stonewall Day on June 26, commemorating the pivotal events and uprising that was the catalyst for the modern LGBTQ rights movement, editors will launch a new series: Portraits of Pride.

The series profiles notable LGBTQ individuals in editorial and video "Portraits" where they share what Pride means to them, how they came to embrace their identity as LGBTQ, and their reflections on the 50+ year history of Pride since its beginning at the Stonewall. The series will focus on notable celebrity talent who are particularly of interest to LGBTQ youth, and talent who span diverse backgrounds, identities, and ages.’s #Pride25 (July 2020) 

The way the LGBTQ community has been portrayed in popular culture has come a long, long way in recent years. Although there's still a lot of work to be done, so many creative queer folks have been making inclusive movies, music, TV shows, and more that better represents our lives and our stories.

This July, offers you the opportunity to join us in a multi-platform partnership as we honor a roster of 25 creative queer folks and their inspiring work!’s #GeekPride (August 2020) 

No matter who you love or what you stan, is the place for the LGBTQ+ community to come together and celebrate all the things they love! With exclusive, original, and trending content created by fans for fans, serves as a premiere destination for readers and viewers to keep up-to-date on all their favorite movies, TV shows, music, books, video games, art, viral internet trends, and everything geek culture. That includes the latest stories in entertainment (animation, super-hero, LGBTQ+), technology (trending gadgets, consumer electronics, new social platforms), and gaming culture. champions representation and diversity in all their articles, and it’s their mission to make sure that no matter what fandom someone belongs to, there is always a place for them on!

More from "Back to School" (September), National Coming Out Day (October)

Stonewall Day 2020 (June 26, 2020)

Stonewall Day is a global campaign that elevates awareness and support for the Stonewall legacy and the continuing fight for full LGBTQ equality. Last year, Stonewall Day was hosted on the actual date of the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion with performances by Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, Whoopi Goldberg, and Donatella Versace.

With the onset of COVID-19, vital LGBTQ organizations are in great need of support, and we are partnering with Pride Live, Inc. for SWD2020 to answer this call.

Pride 365's Video Series (Now to October 2020) 

Across,, and, Pride Media editors are launching a new video series of editorial interviews with LGBTQ+ and ally celebrities to provide uplifting content throughout the year. Each interviewee is asked a series of questions about their work, their relationship and love for the LGBTQ+ community, their memories of their first Pride experiences, and how they celebrate "Pride 365."

LGBTQ+ Prom Week (May 2020) 

Pride Media presents the first-ever all-ages LGBTQ+ Prom Week, coming this May to,, and, with a big all-ages Instagram Live virtual dance party, a private "18 and under" Zoom prom, and all week long interviews, videos, photos, and advice you need to live your queer prom fantasy from home.

Featured content includes "Get Ready With Me" tutorials, in which our favorite queer Insta-celebs invite our audiences to follow along as they dress up for a Prom-inspired event, "Prom Glow-Up" profiles, in which people get a second chance to dress their best for Prom—sharing a photo from their youth during Prom, side-by-side with a picture of them now in the outfit they would wear now.

Since a huge part of Prom is about music and dancing, Pride Media editors will share their favorite playlists that are perfect for hosting a Prom dance party at home! All the queer artists like Clairo and Greyson Chance have hits on the show and will share some of their favorite songs to dance to this Pride and Prom season. 

The Advocate’s "Champions of Pride" (June 2020) 

"Champions of Pride" is an annual list of activists, artists, politicians, influencers, and everyday people who are carrying the spirit unleashed at Stonewall in communities across the country. The Advocate editors select change-makers from each U.S. state in order to spotlight those who are advancing equality for LGBTQ and intersectional groups on the ground and inspiring others to do the same.

"Champions of Pride" will come to life in the June issue of The Advocate and will roll out digitally on and amplified through our social channels. Check out last year's list HERE

The Advocate’s "Bigger Than the Binary" (July 2020) 

In The Advocate’s first-ever "Bigger Than the Binary" Pride series, we will highlight the revolutionary achievements of nonbinary trailblazers in entertainment, art, tech, business, and more. This series will serve to push the boundaries on what people typically think of gender and will have a dynamic approach to including even more voices that are making an impact on the ever-changing, genderfluid world.

The Advocate’s "PrideNext: The Future of the Fight For Equality" (August 2020) 

In this new content series coming to this summer, The Advocate editors will ask a notable LGBTQ advocate from today to reflect on one of The Advocate’s historic covers from its 50+ year history in covering the fight for equality.

The influential voice in today’s world will reflect on the legacy built during the time period the issue is covering while sharing their thoughts on both how that legacy is reflected today and what it will look like fifty years from now.

More from The Advocate: the "Travel Proud" series (September), "TV/Film That Makes us Proud to be LGBTQ" (October)

Out’s "50 States of Pride" (June 2020) 

Now more than ever, Pride month remains a time for the LGBTQ community to come together, move forward, and uplift those within, all by creating greater visibility for the marginalized while remaining distinctly American. And baby, you can’t have red, white, and blue without the fabulous colors of the rainbow.

To reinforce the resilience of the outstanding people in the LGBTQ community during these times, Pride 2020 marches on. Out will look at the strength in our community across the country with a new editorial initiative called “50 States of Pride.”

This portfolio feature will focus on nightlife impresarios, club owners, entertainers, dancers, performers and event producers. All those people and places that sustain us year-round, whose lives and businesses are now being impacted through COVID-19, but continue to seek ways to serve our community.

Out Orgullo (Latinx Pride, July 2020) 

¡Echa pa’lante! (go for it; move forward!) For the first time in history, Out—or Fuera, as it would translate to—is focusing a large portion of its content this July on Latinx Pride.

Out's Orgullo (Latinx Pride) section will feature bilingual exclusives and coverage of the LGBTQ spectrum in Spanish-speaking parts of the U.S. including, but not limited to, Puerto Rican and Chicano communities that build bridges instead of walls. Cross-cultural features will underscore how American Spanish speaking communities are often underserved with HIV preventative resources, while multi-platform content will shine a light on the LGBTQ Latinx community that is as dynamic and influential as ever in pop culture.

Whether you’re first-generation or fifth, fluent in Spanish or just getting started, te invitamos (we invite you) with open arms to celebrate Latinx heritage that is a part of our diverse rainbow. Because in 2020, we are thrilled to be honoring Pride—or Orgullo—as a multilingual LGBTQ community.

Out’s Family Issue and Out Weddings (August 2020) 

Whether chosen or biological, created or inherited, we as queer people have formed our own language and concept of family. In this issue, we’ll celebrate the many different forms a family can take, plus offer advice on how to start and raise a family of your own. Additional features include surrogacy and IVF 101, the low-down on adoption, an apartment or house tour of a queer couple we love, and a photo portfolio of different kinds of queer families.

Out Weddings is a beloved section of and weekly series on Out’s Instagram, in which editors feature a new couple each week who said “I Do” in a style completely of their own. Out profiles the couple’s love story, from how they met to overcoming obstacles, planning their wedding, and sharing their hopes for the future.

More from Out: "Pride in Fashion" (September), "Spooky Pride" (October)

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