One Million Moms Goes After Jennifer Lopez's Lesbian-Themed ABC Family Pilot 'Meet the Fosters'

One Million Moms Goes After Jennifer Lopez's Lesbian-Themed ABC Family Pilot 'Meet the Fosters'
Tracy E. Gilchrist

One Million Moms, the conservative anti-gay group comprised of closer to 40,000 moms that has previously attacked Ellen DeGeneres and JCPenney, Oreo, Archie comics and most recently Skittles to name only a few, continues to have too much time on its hands. The group is now going after ABC Family for greenlighting executive producer Jennifer Lopez’s lesbian family-themed pilot Meet the Fosters.

ABC Family is renowned for it’s LGBT-inclusive programming with out characters on shows including Pretty Little Liars and Secret Life of the American Teenager. Just last week the network gave the go ahead for Lopez’s Nuyorican Productions to produce the pilot for Meet the Fosters, which centers around two women, Stef and Lena, raising a household of multi-ethnic kids comprised of biological and foster children.

The announcement set off the antigay group that is already miffed with the network for it’s inclusive programming. Here’s what it says on One Million Moms’ website:

“Obviously, ABC has lost their minds. They haven't let up so neither will we. ABC's Family Channel has several anti-family programs, and they are planning on adding to that growing list. ABC Family has approved a series pilot from Jennifer Lopez's production company, Nuyorican, about a lesbian couple and their diverse family. Many families have already discovered that ABC Family Channel is anything but family-friendly. But because of family being part of the network's name, we thought a warning should still be sent out for anyone who continues to watch the channel.”

One Million Moms website encourages those opposed to diversity – sorry, pro-family—to take action against the network citing that Hollywood is pushing that pesky old homosexual agenda again.

“Hollywood is continuing to push an agenda that homosexuality is acceptable when scripture states clearly it is a sin. As Christians, the Bible also says that we must speak up against sin. If we remain silent then we are guilty of sin also. Lopez will be an executive producer for the hour-long project. Casting has not been announced. It's still in the pilot stage and hasn't been picked up for a series yet. Let's stop this dead in it its tracks.”

So while One Million Moms does its chosen part to “speak up against sin,” the rest of us TV viewers who support diversity can keep tuning in to ABC Family. Here’s a link to Pretty Little Liars on Hulu so we can all get started now! 

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