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Tesla Has a Gay Problem

Elon Musk Watching Tesla Stock
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The Left is leaving Tesla

The gays are saying Goodbye to Tesla. We've had enough of Elon Musk. Hate speech is being promoted as Elon tries to push the red pill on the people who were making up the core of his customer base at Tesla. We've had enough. The LGBT+ community is selling stock, selling their cars and finding alternatives who are gaining on Tesla fast.

The majority of Tesla owners have been Democrats

Surveys by research firm Morning Consult show that in January about 22% of Democrats were considering buying a Tesla, while 17% of Republicans were looking to purchase one. And that gap has been closing — Republican consideration of buying a Tesla has risen about 3 percentage points just since December’s survey. And Republicans are slightly more likely to trust the Tesla brand, 27% compared to 25% among Democrats.
- CNN Business in February 2022

Tesla's brand loyalty is crashing and will continue to fall

The market is realizing Tesla's demand issue

Liberals were his core customer base, and now we all know we aren't touching Musk's cars

Driving a Tesla makes you look BAD

Elon Musk's Endorsements of the Far Right will come with a big penalty that Tesla is already feeling,

Homophobic slurs are up 58% under Musk

Tesla employees are victim of a toxic work place. Which turns us OFF

Tesla's missed promises are turning into massive legal risk

“Elon Musk just tweeted this nod to Pepe in response to someone sharing an article about him purging left-leaning accounts.”

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