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Elon Musk's Attack On Journalism Intensifies

journalist hiding from a monster
DallE image generator of a journalist hiding from a monster

Elon Musk is reinstating radical right wing bigots while attacking journalists and editors in media companies.

Elon obviously admires, idolizes and emulates Trump. His latest attack is on Insider, a media company who hires excellent journalists.

Semafor, a newly launched media company by Ben Smith from BuzzFeed fame, has earned his ire for publishing texts between Elon and Sam Bankman-Freid

Musk is dedicated to his right wing savior complex

This has a long history for Musk

He's not very subtle about his intentions here

“Elon Musk has said he's about context on tweets, so here's context for these shirts: They came from Twitter's Black employee resource group and were popularized by @jack, who wore a version around to conferences to support the group (and was sometimes ridiculed for it).”

Musk is actively reinstating anti-LGBTQ accounts, disguising right wing hate speech as citizen journalism.

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