Andrew Garfield Has Moved on from Kissing Ryan Reynolds to Kissing Stephen Colbert

Andrew Garfield and Stephen Colbert
Tracy E. Gilchrist

Star of the second Spiderman franchise, Andrew Garfield, sure is getting around these days. Sunday, at the Golden Globes, Andrew leaned in for a kiss with Deadpool’s Ryan Reynolds when Reynolds lost the Globe for best actor in a musical or comedy to La La Land’s Ryan Gosling. The two men kissed at the table and, of course, it went viral.

On Tuesday, Andrew appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to discuss his roles in the critically acclaimed films Hacksaw Ridge (for which he was nominated for a Globe) and in Martin Scorsese’s Silence. But soon the conversation turned to the viral kiss. Andrew explained that he wanted Reynolds to know he was loved in that moment that he lost the Globe to Gosling.

Stephen Colbert then noted, “You’re very comfortable kissing other men…”

To which Andrew refreshingly replied, “I don’t even understand the question.”

Once Stephen responded, “Me either. I’m totally comfortable with it too,” it became inevitable that they would prove their comfort with kissing other men, and they did --twice.

Following their liplocks, Stephen told Andrew, “You’re a very gentle lover.”

We could get irritated with what appears to be gaybaiting, but then, it’s also not a bad thing for people (audiences) to get accustomed to seeing two men kiss, even is just to prove a point that they're comfortable with it. 

Here's the video in full: 


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