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Here Are All the Ways You Can (and Should) Watch When We Rise

Here Are All the Ways You Can (and Should) Watch 'When We Rise'

Here Are All the Ways You Can (and Should) Watch 'When We Rise'

Miss the masterpiece miniseries on ABC? Don't worry, there are plenty of ways to catch it again. 



We get it. Sometimes you just can't work eight epic hours of TV into one week's time. When We Rise, the passion-filled and moving exploration of the LGBT civil rights movement through some of its most incredible heroes, aired last week on ABC in four installments, and there are plenty of ways to catch up if you missed a few moments or just couldn't get the time to tune in at all. And trust us, you'll want to tune in. This heart-wrenching, inspiring, and powerfully relevant story by out screenwriter Dustin Lance Black is a must-see for everyone from those who need a historical refresher to folks who can't even tell you what 'LGBT' stands for. We've already given you 8 reasons why you need to tune in, now here are all the ways you can get the access you need. 

1. Make your way over to Hulu

If you've got access to a Hulu account, When We Rise is at your fingertips. Especially if you've got the commercial free option, you're in for an uninterrupted, emotion-packed ride. Just make sure to grab some tissues. 

2. ABC Go's got it all

You'll need to verify a TV provider, but for those with access who might have forgotten to hit 'record' the first time, you'll be able to catch up here. You can also access it through the ABC app so none of your devices feel left out. Sometimes technology has our backs in all the right ways!

3. Buy the whole thing on iTunes

For $9.99 (or $14.99 in HD), all of When We Rise can be yours for an eternity, thanks to iTunes. Especially for those of you who got an iTunes gift card and forgot they could still be relevant, this is the place to put those credits down.

4. Schedule a series of movie nights with a friend who has access to any of these methods.

Plan an epic viewing party with your Hulu/TV provider/iTunes account-having friend who will hopefully open up their hearts, homes, or at least passwords for your viewing pleasure. Chances are they'll be just as interested in seeing how the story unfolds once they get started (and spoilers, it's still unfolding). We're crossing our fingers for When We Rise to also re-air so even more viewers can catch it live, but until then we'll be rewatching and re-crying on as many screens as possible. Now, go watch When We Rise!

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