Clay Aiken Reveals That Trump Didn’t Decide Who Got Fired On The Apprentice

Clay Trump
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Clay Aiken, runner-up on season 2 of American Idol and former North Carolina congressional candidate, has just revealed in an interview with Domecast what it was like behind the scenes on Celebrity Apprentice, on which Aiken was a contestant in 2012.

The big scoop? Donald Trump didn't decide who got fired. In fact, he had almost no say in the direction of the show at all.


According to Aiken, Trump was basically "a puppet" of NBC producers, adding that he wasn’t the businessman he was perceived to be on TV.

Aiken commented:

Trump didn’t decide who got fired on Apprentice, I mean, NBC made those decisions.


Aiken describes how Trump was sent lines and notes through a secret on-set device:

There used to be a little thing right on his desk that looked like a phone — he pretended it was a phone — but it was actually a teleprompter where the producers were sending him notes.



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