7 Queer Songs Your Favorite Artists Released This Week

Taylor Henderson

WerQ: A collection of the latest LGBTQ (and LGBTQ adjacent) music of 2017. Updated every Friday, for your convenience.

1. Heartthrob - Superfruit

Sleepover with Superfruit? Yes, please! The gay duo is looking for their very own 90s heartthrob in this nostalgic time warp music video.

2. What About Us - P!nk

Pink returns with a brand new single for anyone who's ever felt forgotten or overlooked. Expect the outspoken LGBT ally's new album Beautiful Trauma on October 31st. 

3. Rainbow - Kesha

Kesha's embracing all the colors of the rainbow with the title single off her new album Rainbow." I've found a rainbow, rainbow, baby/Trust me, I know, life is scary/But just put those colors on, girl/Come and play along with me tonight."

4. Paradise - MNEK

The music video for this out singer's new single features a man looking to escape the modern world, religion, the monotony of everyday responsibility, and police violence, in search of paradise.

5. Walking the Wire - Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons' latest single explores the courage it takes to love without inhibitions. Frontman, Dan Reynolds, is addressing suicide rates among LGBTQ youth with the LiveLoud Festival in Utah later this month. The outspoken ally and former conservative Mormon wants to bring awareness to leading cause of death among LGBTQ teens. 

6. Dealin' With It - Zeke Thomas

Rape survivor Zeke Thomas learns how to put the pieces back together after his assault in his honest new video.

7. Golden Boy - Boy Radio

This queer R&B singer wants to be your golden boy in his sultry and seductive new music video. 

Bonus Track: We Could Run - Beth Ditto

The out musician revisits adolescent romance in a heartfelt video following two teenage girls in love.

WerQ: The Playlist

WerQ is updated every Friday with LGBTQIA music. Find some awesome queer artists here, and check back in next Friday more.

Taylor Henderson is a pop culture nerd, music enthusiast, and equal opportunity stanFollow him on Twitter for more content like this. 

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