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Lost Girl Recap 4.7-  Faeception

Lost Girl Recap 4.7 - Faeception

Lost Girl Recap 4.7 -  Faeception

Every article should start with a naked Zoie Palmer!

Hi guys!  How were everyone's holidays?  Mine have been great – this year the best gift has been Lost Girl having new episodes right through the festive season!  This is either a sign that I like this show a whole lot or a tragic indictment of my entire existence!  While you ponder the possibilities I'm going to move straight into talking about La Fae Époque.  I've said it before and I'll likely say it so many more times but Lost Girl can be a weird little show.  That's one of the things I love about it and this episode is a shining example of that.  This was a little bit like reading some truly crazy alternate universe fan fiction.  Note, this is not a complaint.  But enough of my vague musings.  Let's get into it!

The episode begins with Bo and Kenzi dragging an Una Mens monk into the police station to see Hale about Dyson's imprisonment.  For once the other police in this precinct look mildly disturbed but rapidly adopt their usual shrug and move on approach to the detectives with the special dress sense.  Bo attempts to work her succubus magic on the monk but to no avail, leading the group to decide their new friend is a eunuch.  Thankfully Hale's siren power gets a better response and the monk admits that Dyson's execution has been sentenced as punishment for treason and murder of both fae and humans in 1899.  Having provided this useful information the monk chants a few words before suddenly asphyxiating.  The team lament their limited options as Kenzi hopes the Una Mens are bluffing.

Over at the Una Mens lair a naked (because sure) and chained Dyson watches on as another fae who has betrayed them is stabbed to death.  So maybe they're not so much with the bluffing?

We skip the planning meeting for this week's adventure and get right to Lauren wiring Bo up (sadly not a euphemism) with some sort of inception device to let her live Dyson's memories and hopefully prove his innocence.  They make some awkward small talk about Bo's relationship with Dyson and Lauren's bonding with the Morrigan until oracle Cassie interrupts the flirting to hurry them along.  Cassie mentions the “gaping black hole in Bo's memory” but explains that she cannot access it.  Lauren pulls out some yarn which Cassie identifies as the extremely dangerous “red string of fate” that could fry Bo's brain.  It just so happens that it is also the only way to link Bo with Dyson's brain from a remote location.  And it makes a lovely accessory, as so few wireless transmitters do.

Lauren explains to Bo that while she will be in Dyson's past her own subconscious will take the liberty of inserting people she knows to make the experience more familiar.  Cassie warns that when she makes an appearance it is time for Bo to get out or risk permanent insanity with her mind fused to Dyson's.

In the Una Mens compound of sponge baths, Kenzi makes an appearance in the season's hottest monk garb to wash Dyson down and place a matching red band on the wolf's leg.  This initiates Bo's journey through Dyson's past, where she immediately wakes naked in bed with some blonde sisters.  One can only assume Dyson is pretty proud of this.  The girls' father busts in and the Bo/Dyson hybrid (Boson?  I'm going with Boson) has vanished through a small wolf-shaped hole in the door as both sisters exclaim “I love him!”

In the street the wolf morphs back into Bo who dresses in a fetching cape ensemble and spies her reflection in a window demonstrating that while we are seeing Bo the other characters are seeing Dyson.  As she (I don't even now how to deal with pronouns here and maintain my own sanity) reads a newspaper advertisement for a cabaret featuring someone named Flora Blooms, the man from before catches up to her and now he is both armed and accompanied by a friend.  Fortunately before the angry father can shoot Trick arrives and takes the man out with a bo-staff.

Trick takes Boson back to his candle-filled home and suggests she could be more than the roguish philanderer he sees before him.  He manages to pique Boson's interest by mentioning ancient hell-shoes sought out by powerful fae, including The Wanderer.  A prince of some sort has apparently secured these nasty Nikes and is planning on selling them.  In case you weren't paying attention, this episode just became about evil shoes with the power to end the world.  We learn that Trick is his own Blood King self (rather than a subconscious personification of another character) in this scenario but Boson is not picking up what he's putting down.

Back in the real world Bo is muttering random words from Dyson's memories.  While Lauren struggles to assign importance to shoes, bo-staff and boobs (though her attention is certainly gained), she does perk up at the “he who wanders.”  After this it's straight back to boobs and no more sense is to be made.

In the land of sleepy memories Boson enters a bar and is greeted by a scantily clad French angel in the form of Kenzi.  She sees a man in modern clothes and wonders at this but is also intrigued by a man French-angel-Kenzi describes as a Fae Prince.

The main act of the evening begins with Flora Blooms, the saucy French singer played in Bo's mind by Lauren, singing a song in some sort of tree outfit.  Because Flora Blooms.  I see what they did there.  Bo thanks her subconscious for its subtlety while thoroughly enjoying the show until forced to leave as the memory dictates.

Over in the Una Mens dungeon of sponge baths, Hale pleads Dyson's case.  The council claim to consider his arguments but remain firm in their sentence of death.  Hale declares that the fae are tired of the Una Mens and will rise up against them.  The voice of the council seems unperturbed by this but when a cell phone rings and reveals Kenzi in her monk attire they change their tune dramatically.  Hale is dragged away as Kenzi is sentenced to join Dyson in execution.  The Una Mens are really just going around winning the love and adoration of the locals on this visit.

Boson didn't wander far after Flora's performance and shows up at the singer's dressing room where she is greeted with a kiss and a slap from a lingerie-clad Flora.  They discuss the Prince's magical demon shoes and the possibility of Boson taking her away from this life with the money they could make.  The fairly simpering French fae dreams of returning to her home in the woods and invites Boson to join her.  The two get down to business and in one of this show's weirdest moments yet (which is really saying something), Bo glances in the mirror to see Dyson in her place with Flora.  What's especially great here is how she clearly gets off on it, which is just so Bo.  And so this show. 

In the present day Lauren wonders why Bo's vitals are suddenly sky-rocketing until the succubus starts moaning her name.  The doctor is rightly chuffed but when Cassie starts counting down from 100 she becomes a little concerned.

The Prince interrupts Boson and Flora's tryst to introduce himself to the singer.  She begins to welcome him in the true courtesan way, allowing him to place his mysterious-looking box on the bed before blindfolding him.  Flora is a true master of multi-tasking and while entertaining the Prince with one hand (and mouth) she opens the box to reveal the ugliest pair of demon shoes I've ever seen.  Unfortunately for Flora her blindfold tying skills need work as it slips to reveal her treachery.  The Prince is furious until becoming unconscious via Boson's fist.  They come up with the brilliant plan to sneak the shoes of all evil past the Prince's guards on Flora's own feet.  Because nothing could possibly go wrong there!  Flora's eyes change color as the boots declare her unworthy yet still attach themselves to her feet.  Flora flees through the door like a wood-fae possessed with Boson in hot pursuit.

Back at the Una Mens underground party den, Kenzi is placed in Dyson's cell after her own pre-death sponge down.  What is that even about Una Mens?  Is it some weird virgin sacrifice fetish since you dress them in white pajamas like some sort of cult?  While I ask my many questions Dyson tells Kenzi how glad he is to have her company there.  He compliments her ballsy move in getting into the compound and says they should start her training as a “shadow thief.”  I'm still hung up on the sponge bath and robes but Kenzi seems pretty interested.  Kenzi asks Dyson if he really killed all the people and he simply informs her it is a long story beginning with shoes. 

When we return to the tale of good shoes gone bad, or more accurately bad shoes doing bad things, Boson is walking along a street of carnage and realizing it was Flora who killed all the people, not Dyson at all.  Cassie appears and informs Bo it's time to cut the string and get out before this becomes her permanent malodorous home.  At the same moment Bo notices the man in present day attire that she spied in the club earlier.  Cassie calls Bo dumb but also brave for having stayed the longest she has seen in another's memory.  Bo insists she must stay to prove Dyson's innocence and Cassie taps out by removing her own string.

Cassie awakes furious at the information she learned about the shoes, which puts them all in danger.  She defies Lauren's angry voice ordering her to get back in and rescue Bo and leaves with the ominous warning that whatever she does, Lauren is not to cut the string herself.

Back in the land of happy fun murder times, Boson finds Flora with some dainty Wolverine claws over a dead body.  The shoe-possessed fae says she will not stop and the pair fight until Boson gets a little wolfy and wounds Flora.  She instantly returns to her usual self, panicking about the darkest parts of herself having been revealed.  Those parts really were pretty dark.  Boson declares love for Flora but she claims his true love is yet to come.  She is promptly shot from behind and we cut back to Lauren freaking out at Bo's silent slumber.  When shaking and yelling at Bo doesn't help she briefly considers cutting the string before remembering she had only ONE JOB.  Instead of breaking the only rule of fae-memory-sharing club Lauren scribbles on the mirror in lipstick and decides to join the dream party herself.

Flora's killer reveals himself as Crater, a henchman who has been instructed to get the shoes and accurately expects that Boson will be blamed.  He lists Dyson's many previous indiscretions and declares it was his own selfishness that killed Flora.  He instructs the succu-wolf to run and we are taken back to Dyson recounting the tale to Kenzi in their cell.  He states that he considered running and when we return to the scene it is Dyson himself in the moment.  He tells the assassin that if he wants the shoes he will have to get passed one pissed off werewolf first.  Option three ends up being the winner as the man is clocked from behind by Trick, who offers Dyson a place in his new world.

Kenzi tells Dyson of her intended plan for death, poolside with a glass of something fruity and laments Bo's general tardiness as a concern given their own execution schedule.  The Una Mens interrupt their nice moment asking Dyson for his last words.  He offers them the shoes if they release Kenzi. 

In Bo's world of Dyson she buries Flora and states that she will keep the shoes safe.  Actual Lauren appears, as does the old man with the inappropriate clothing who holds up Dyson's championship boxing title belt.  Just like in actual old France.  Lauren encourages Bo to cut the red string and while she believes there'll be no doctor to return to she does have a revelation about Dyson. 

Upon untying her red string Bo dramatically awakes to find Lauren sleeping the sleep of the memory-seeking.  Before she can untie Lauren's string she spies the mirror note instructing her not to do so and Bo realizes she'll have to brainstorm.  Thankfully she's seen Disney movies and casts herself in the role of Prince Charming.  When Lauren awakes for a few more kisses and maybe a tear or two she asks for evidence that Bo is still herself and receives the response “I know how to save Dyson.”  Evidence of sanity maybe but not Bo's best work as far as pillow talk is concerned.

Bo interrupts the Una Mens telling Dyson his shoe was missing by telling them she got there first.  Wait, so they might have just found it on their own and this all would have been resolved?  Or Dyson would still have been executed?  It seems what really matters here is that Bo found the shoe inside Dyson's belt AND got to make a sassy entrance.  A masked figure quotes the same latin as Crater in the flashbacks and Bo reveals it is the same man, who had been ordered by the Una Mens to get the shoes in the first place.  The council declare Bo smarter than the average succubus and she declares them murderers.  It's a nice moment of sharing on both sides.

The gang head back to the Dal with some delicious greasy food for a total love fest, celebrating the team being reunited.  Lauren and Dyson both make slightly sad doe-eyes at Bo while she declares the whole group intimately connected.  Dyson finishes the story with his enlisting in Trick's plan for a fae utopia, or at least a slightly nicer fae existance.  Trick reveals his secret Blood King identity and talks of destiny and other important matters before fealty is sworn.

In the present day Kenzi thanks Dyson for all the saving over the years and Bo asks why, with all his power, Trick hasn't been able to help her more.  Dyson says he didn't remember the involvement of The Wanderer in his own past and Bo decides to use the remaining hell shoe to find him.  Dyson explains that he gave it to the waitress (and shifter) Angel with instructions to hide it until a true hero arrived.  Bo closes the episode with the acceptance of her fate as that hero: “I think we're all done waiting because here I come.”

This was a fun episode you guys.  I'm not sure I love the enduring theme of memory loss this season as I can only spend so many hours watching people rediscover their past but this one had everything.  There was progression of the season arc, an actual mission beyond working out what Bo got up to on that train and Zoie Palmer singing.  What more can I ask for from this show?  Next week promises to feature the only other element I can think of – Tamsin.  Lots and lots of Tamsin.  I look forward to seeing you all there.

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