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12 Things We Can't Wait to See More of in Pretty Little Liars' Next 100 Episodes

12 Things We Can't Wait to See More of in Pretty Little Liars' Next 100 Episodes

12 Things We Can't Wait to See More of in Pretty Little Liars' Next 100 Episodes

From Aria's pink hair to pink drinks and Emily and Paige making out to P!nk, here are 12 things we can't wait to see more of in PLL's next 100 episodes.


Pretty Little Liars’ 100th episode should really be declared a national holiday, but since the powers that be have not seen fit to make that happen we conducted a completely scientific poll (i.e. we walked around the office and asked everyone who watches) of what we’d like to see more of in the next 100 episodes of ABC Family’s juggernaut show. Since it’s just a few episodes into the 5th season and the series has already been picked up for a 6th and 7th season (hold on to your hats for the college years!) we’re fairly certain PLL will reach 200 episodes.

Here are 12 things we’d like to see more of in the next 100 episodes.  

More of Aria with pink hair.

Aria really set the pink hair trend, and like any good stylemaker she abandoned the look before it became the thing. Now you can't swing A's hoodie without hitting some pink-haired girl. Still, we'd love to see her reprise this much like Hanna just added the dark to her blond tresses. 


More Emily and Paige makeout sessions to P!nk songs!

This scene in season one made us wish we were 17 and coming out all over again. If only P!nk's 'Glitter in the Air' were around for some of our first kisses... We'll take a duet of "Just Give Me a Reason" followed by a makeout session too.  


More of Hanna hanging out in lesbian bars sipping 'pink drinks!' 

Ashley Benson has crackerjack comic timing, and this scene in which Hanna follows Paige into lesbian night at a local bar in season three is priceless. Shana may no longer be around to flirt with Hanna (something that always bugged little Miss Marin), but plenty of other of Rosewood's many lesbians would be happy to validate her. 


More of Spencer's mom actually being there when her daughter's life is falling apart. 

We get that Mrs. Hastings is a high-powered, globe-trotting attorney but Spencer could really use a little more parental guidance than she's had these past four seasons. Plus, we really do enjoy Lesley Fera, aka. Mariska Hargitay's long-lost twin. 


More Costumes and Fashion Shows. 

Shay Mitchell in a Barbarella costume. Enough said! 


More PLL/Orange Is the New Black crossover episodes.

Okay, so this episode in which the Liars end up in orange jumpers for community service aired when Orange Is the New Black was just a wee nugget in Jenji Kohan's brain, but this should be a thing. Maybe the Liars visit Litchfield Correctional for a scared straight overnight! It's just a few hours in the car from Rosewood to the prison. Crazy Eyes and Spencer could recite Shakespeare to each other. 

More Hastings' sister faceoffs.

PLL is as good as it gets when Melissa and Spencer Hastings are squaring off in one of their epic sibling rivalries. Torrey DeVitto is a gift to television and there can never be enough of her. The only thing that could be better than these two brilliant siblings at war would be a reconciliation and teaming up to take down the enemy! 


More of Emily and Paige's synchronized swimming sessions.

We are fully aware that Emily's shoulder injury from rescuing Aria and Mona from A has rendered her unable to compete, but what's a little playful splashing around in the water between exes who should totally get back together? 


More of Broadway diva Betty Buckley as Hanna's singing grandma.

Sure, Betty's brother Norman Buckley is one of PLL's finest directors who injects film history references into nearly episode, but casting Betty as Hanna's tough broad grandma was truly inspired. She once sang The Star Spangled Banner at the Rosewood High marathon. PLL could use more of Betty belting showtunes. In fact, since  Ashley, Janel Parrish (Mona), Lucy Hale (Aria), Troian Bellisario (Spencer), and Sasha Pieterse (Alison) all have singing chops, we think it's time PLL went full Grey's Anatomy with a musical episode. 


More of Crazy-Pants Spencer.

Spencer bounced back pretty quickly, but remember the time she went legitimately insane? It's nice to have her back, but come on, you can't keep it together forever in Rosewood.


More Glamping! 

It was a great twist and all that Mona was revealed as A at the end of the second season, but we really do miss the Camp Mona days when the Liars tolerated what we all thought was just self-involved, shallow Mona -- not devious, evil Mona. We really need more blowouts like this in PLL's future. 


More Hitchcock! 

PLL's writers and directors are consummate movie buffs who've paid homage to the master Alfred Hitchcock repeatedly. By our count they've done Vertigo, North by Northwest, Psycho, Spellbound, Rear Window, Notorious, The Birds, and our favorite, Rebecca (above). We'd really love to see some nods to Strangers on a Train, Marnie, and To Catch a Thief to name a few! 

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