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8 Reasons Why LGBT Gen-Xers Need to Listen to Millennials

8 Reasons Why LGBT Gen-Xers Need to Listen to Millennials

8 Reasons Why LGBT Gen-Xers Need to Listen to Millennials

Gen-Xers did a lot of hard work paving the ground for these young upstarts. But these young upstarts are doing EPIC work themselves. Raise a cheer for those under-30 LGBT heroes.

It's easy for generations to become divorced from each other, even in a time when we've just seen the epic victory of nation-wide same-sex marriage in the U.S. (WHY DID IT NOT HAPPEN SOONER?). There's a lot to be said for reminding ourselves of the roles we've all played, but also in acknowledging that we need LGBT millennials to help us achieve full equality (even if we still want to relive our glory days of marching on Washington in 1987).  We've come a long way but those under 30 will help us get to where we need to go. We can NAIL THIS together, and here's why we need to listen. 


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1. They know who they are and what they want. 

At the same age as most Gen-X LGBT folks were wondering if there was anyone the hell else like them at all, most Millennials are entirely aware that they're not alone


2. It's not just about sporting 'We're Here, We're Queer" tees, "Does Your Girlfriend Know You're Gay" buttons, and labyrus earrings anymore. And that's OK. 

LGBT rights has moved into the crazy, glittering, frenetic world of mainstream pop culture. Shows like Glee helped usher in the era of representation, giving way to even more inclusive TV like Orange Is the New Black and Transparent. 


3. People still hate us. They can refuse to bake our wedding cakes, threaten our safety, and even be cruel and violent. 

Anti-LGBT bakers - Sweet Cakes by Melissa owners

People are still killing us, bullying us and generally stereotyping and stigmatizing us, and then, like the couple above, they crowdfund and raise hundreds of thousands to keep their hate alive. 


4. At first, Miley might seem like a pain in the ass, but she's doing vital work. Honest. 

You might never want to see another twerk and you might yearn for the days of the Indigo Girls and k.d. but... Give her a chance



5. Bisexuality, pansexuality, demisexuality... etc. 

Some might argue that all these labels are muddying the waters and making it harder to fight for recognition, but there's a strong case for having the words to describe what you might have just had to approximate certainly-not-the-right-word for in an earlier era. I am a Gen-X, bisexual, demiromantic, demi-girl speaking here. 


6. LGBT bars.

They're just everywhere now. Straight people go to them, even, and watch us and it's tough to tell who's who, and that's just fine. 



7. School is STILL HARD. 

Sex ed hasn't caught up. Le sigh. And as we mentioned earlier, those suicides are still happening. Gen-Xers owe it to those scared kids to be out, proud, and willing wherever possible to lend an ear. 


8. Millennials love you. 


They need you. And you need them. And we WILL NAIL THIS. 

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