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12 Signs You're Being Let Down Gently

12 Signs You're Being Let Down Gently

12 Signs You're Being Let Down Gently

Casual dating is fun, but everyone plays by different rules. At what point is it no longer fair game to be dating other people? Would you be seen as clingy if you had “the talk” too soon? And then there are those times that you’re just not sure what to think. Are you being let down gently? If any of these seem familiar, then you are.

1. “I’m Super Busy With Work Right Now”

work to do busy

Oh, but you weren’t when we met two weeks ago? How convenient.

2. A Change In Texting Habits

rhianna phone

We all know if they were texting you back and forth before and suddenly stop, they’ve not suddenly lost their phone or decided to change their texting habits. They’re just texting someone else. Move on.

3. “I’ve Decided To See How Things Go With An Ex”

Liar Rihanna Gif

No they’re not. They’re still looking. This is just a nicer way of saying “I don’t want to go on another date with a woman who spent 25 minutes talking about her cats.”

4. Any Reference To Friendship

Rihanna rolling her eyes.

Being introduced as “This is my Friend [Your Name Here]” is a clear sign you’re being let down gently. They could have just said your name, but making the point of you being just a friend means this is all they want. Take it like a man.

5. “I’m Not Out Yet”

rihanna nope

Even if this is true it should mean you write them off immediately. Dating a closet case or someone who uses is as an excuse is a self inflicted waste of time.

6. Letting You Know They’re Dating

rihanna love

If they drop hints that they’re dating other people as well as you then they’re either letting you know that you should too or they’re being an asshat. Either way, walk… no, RUN away.

7. “We Need To Talk”

rihanna no bueno


8. Last Minute Cancelling

Rihanna Angry gif

If your date is unimportant enough for him/her to cancel last minute, then they aren’t interested. When I meet someone I like I want to spend all of the time I’m awake with them, and if someone doesn’t feel that way about you, go find someone who does.

9. “I’m Just Not Looking For A Relationship Right Now”

Rihanna Perfect gif

Then why are you actively dating? They do want a relationship. Just not with you. Their loss... You're awesome.

10. Radio Silence

Rihanna Frustrated gif

Ok, not so gentle. But please tell me I’m not the only one who’s been “ghosted”? As in they literally go off grid with no explanation? Like, ouch.

11. “I’ll Pop Round In The Week”

Rihanna Don't wanna do

If they’re suggesting you stop making the effort to actually go on dates and then just come over all casual, no sleepovers? Welcome to the Friend Zone.

12. Read Message

Rihanna Sad gif

The dreaded two blue ticks on Whatsapp or that “seen at…” timestamp with no reply for even a few hours? Eeeek. That girl/guy is not that in to you.

So don’t waste your time convincing yourself that they’re just going through a busy time at the moment or playing hard to get. Current day gay dating is fast and fickle, and if you have any doubts about whether he/she is in to you, then you’re probably right. Don’t waste your time… Take the hint, keep your dignity and go find someone to make them really jealous and regret their decision. Fool.

Rihanna self affirmation

About the Author: E J Rosetta is an LGBT Columnist and coffee addict living in Hampshire with her spoiled cat, Hendricks. More ramblings can be found on Facebook or via Twitter @EJRosetta

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Ej Rosetta

EJ is a gin enthusiast, cat lover and perpetually single coffee addict, who happens to have a super cool accent.

EJ is a gin enthusiast, cat lover and perpetually single coffee addict, who happens to have a super cool accent.