Mo'Nique Has No Time for Kim Burrell's Homophobia

Raffy Ermac

Oscar-winning actress and longtime ally Mo'Nique came to the defense of the LGBT community on her radio show last week, slamming the controversial comments gospel singer Kim Burrell made in December about the "perverted homosexual spirit."

"It’s almost laughable, because you’re saying that in 2017, we are still dealing with people taking issue with people being who they were born to be, who they choose to be," Mo’Nique said on her show Mo'Nique & Sidney's Open Relationship, which she co-hosts with her husband Sidney. "People are still taking issue with the cloak of, 'I am a warrior for Jesus and I must fight for Jesus and stop all you fags and dykes before y’all get condemned to hell.'"

"There are so many other things we could be fighting for," Mo'Nique concludes. "We’re wasting our energy fighting over love."

She isn't the first celeb to voice her opposition to Burrell's antigay remarks. Hidden Figures and Moonlight star Janelle Monáe and singer-songwriter Pharell have also shown support for queer people in the wake of Burrell's comments.

Watch Mo'Nique's epic takedown in the video below, or listen to audio here.

h/t: LGBTQ Nation

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