So Many Notable People Are Joining NFL Athletes in the #TakeAKnee Movement

So Many Notable People Are Joining NFL Athletes in the #TakeAKnee Movement
Brendan Haley

This past weekend, many NFL athletes took a knee and locked arms with each other in solidarity during the traditional singing of the national anthem during football games. Remaining silent in peaceful protest against the overt racism sewed into the foundation of American culture, and a system built against themselves and the values and wellness of their ancestors, they remained immovable—an inspiration to anyone who does not see eye to eye with a ever more divided America.

This protest incited harsh backlash against the players across all streams of social media and news outlets, having its flames initially fanned on Twitter by President Trump himself, who took to the social media site (despite rising concern with North Korea and the dire Puerto Rico situation) to attack the NFL players in a feverish blitz. He even went so far to say that any professional football player who kneels while the national anthem is being played should be fired for their "disrespect."

Since the weekend, vast support has risen for #TakeAKnee and the NFL participants, with countless celebrities and personalities all over the industry weighing in...


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