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Meet Cheyne Gallarde, the Artist Turning Drag Queens Into Pop Art Superheroes

Brendan Haley

The vibrant fanbase of RuPaul's Drag Race has been known to contribute some truly stunning, creative works of art over the years, but there's one particular artist who is catching the public's eye with his heroic take on our iconic queens.


Cheyne Gallarde, a former drag queen turned artist/illustrator, has been channelling his brief career as a glamazon, producing vintage comics starring some of the most adored queens in popular culture.

Recognizing the parallels between drag culture and the superhero phenomenon of the past few years (thanks to the studios like Marvel and DC), Gallarde is inspired by two worlds he has much affection for.



"It wasn’t until recently I realized how much I look up to those girls, very much the same way I admire Storm, Jean Grey, Poison Ivy, Wonder Woman, and many other fierce females in the comic book world," Gallarde said in a recent interview with io9.

He continued:

"It seemed only natural to combine my geeky love for comics and my love of drag queens. Both are powerful and inspiring forces that are very much woven into the fabric of our culture today."


With drag taking a place at a mainstream podium, the culture's influence is setting the stage for people like Cheyne to shine off their passions. (Not to mention, who doesn't want to follow the adventures of The Sensational Shangela?!)

"If anyone deserves comic books of themselves, it’s drag queens—they’re kinda real-life superheroes."


Check out more of Cheyne's work on his official website and follow him on Instagram, @artbycheyne. And don't forget to tune into VH1 tonight for the premiere of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10!

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