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Here's What Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose Probably Talked About

Here's What Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose Probably Talked About

Here's What Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose Probably Talked About

Amber Rose and Kanye West were in a feud last week because Kanye started calling out Wiz Khalifa, who he thought was dissing his wife, Kim Kardashian. Kanye went so far as to diss the son of Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose.

Amber wasn't having it, of course, and so she called out Kanye for another thing altogether.

Kanye halfheartedly apologized. Amber Rose wrote an amazing op-ed for Time about how she learned to stop caring what people thought about her, especially those slut-shaming her (cough cough Kanye).

AND NOW, to add fuel to the fire, Kim and Amber took a selfie together, which both of them shared on social media:

SO what did they talk about? Here are five ideas:

1. Tell Kanye to stop changing the title of his new album

Kim started a poll on her Twitter page, and Kanye keeps going back and forth. Someone needs to put a stop to this, and I hope they both finally came to a conclusion, so Kanye stops changing the name!

2. Force Kanye to stick to G.O.O.D. Fridays

Kanye announced he was bringing back G.O.O.D. Fridays aka releasing a new song every Friday until the release of his new album (Feb 11), but he hasn't stuck to it! Kim has to end up apologizing for it everytime he is late. Did Kim and Amber give a good talking to Kanye about this?!? We can only hope.

3. School Kanye on some basic tenets of Feminism

Kanye is an amazing artist who is pushing a lot of boundaries, but one place where he is not very progressive is on the topic of women. It's not cool to slut shame, and it's also not cool to put down women at the expense of getting upset at another rapper. I don't get how someone who is always talking about how the system is trying to get him down is cool with perpetuating the patriarchy. C'mon, Kanye.


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