'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 18 Premiere Lesbian / Bisexual Contestant Re-Cap

'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 18 Premiere Lesbian / Bisexual Contestant Re-Cap

America’s Next Top Model is back for Cycle 18 with more than the 50/50 split between Americans and Brits for diversity. There are two members of the LGBT community this time around: lesbian AzMarie and bisexual Laura. So aside from all that drama that is sure to come from Tyra pitting Brits against Americans, there is plenty of potential for some lady lusting, loving or loathing.

The premiere episode was a bit of a mess, and not really worth recounting every detail of, but the fact that both the LGBT ladies did well should be noted.

Laura, 20, is from Scotia, New York, and defines herself as a “true bisexual.”


Photo: Angelo Sgambati/The CW

AzMarie, 25, is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and prides herself in her ability to be both masculine and feminine.


Photo: Angelo Sgambati/The CW

Within the first few minutes of the episode, all the contestants start talking about themselves, at which point we hear Laura announce her sexuality, the fact that she finds AzMarie “so sexy,” and “women definitely give me better orgasms.” AzMarie reveals she likes the ladies, and that she plans on flirting with the other girls in the house. Maybe we will get to witness the truth of these statements in a future episode.

For the photoshoot challenge, the girls were paired up - one from each side of the ocean - and assigned a personality to depict in the “Culture Clash” themed shoot that involved jumping on a mini trampoline while being photographed by 60 cameras at the same time. AzMarie portrayed George Washington next to Catherine dressed as Queen Elizabeth I.


Photo: Reel EFX/Pottle Productions Inc

Laura scored big time getting assigned Madonna, against her partner Alisha as Elton John.


Photo: Chris Frawley/The CW

While Tyra wanted more “oomph” from AzMarie as George, it was fairly good photo considering that she portraying George Washington – it’s not like he oozes “oomph” to begin with. She landed in seventh overall. Laura’s photo as Madonna wasn’t the best, but it definitely was far from the worst. Her mistake was when she got called in front of the judges and doubted her photo, basically saying she thought it sucked, before the judges even saw it. The judges then saw the photo, and liked it. They scolded Laura for her negative preface of the image, but that aside she did just fine coming in third overall.

And that’s about all the excitement for the first episode of Cycle 18.

Well, except for the skinny-dipping. Yes. The first night, rather than get into PJs and have a “get to know you” pow-wow like all the Brits assumed would happen, the American ladies decided to take advantage of the lovely pool in the back yard. So excited to do so, they opted to not waste time putting their bikinis on and just stripped down for a nice night-time skinny-dip bonding experience.

I think its fair to say that we should expect to see plenty of lady action this season, be it Laura or AzMarie, or someone else. But our girls should be sticking around for a while.

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