Top Five Moments Between the Women of 'Weeds' Through the Years - Watch

Top Five Moments Between the Women of 'Weeds' Through the Years - Watch

Weeds' 8th and final season is finally here with its premiere tonight on Showtime. The series that made Milfweed a household name has continually offered stong-willed -- if not a bit unbalanced -- female characters, the least of which is matriarch of the Weeds' clan Nancy Botwin, as embodied by the perenially hot and youthful Mary Louise Parker. 

To honor eight seasons of bad parenting, lighting up and sick and twisted humor we thought we'd take a walk down Weeds' memory lane with our top five favorite scenes from seasons past. Just as a caveat, we really wanted to include Celia Hodes (Elizabeth Perkins) lesbian encounter with the "You're Pretty" sales rep,  but as the embed code gods would have it we can't get the clip anywhere. Still, the show is never better than when Nancy and/or Celia were toe to toe with each other and other women. 

That said, let's kick off our clips with a mash-up of suburban frenemies Nancy and Celia terrorizing each other: 

A true mother from hell, Celia's lecture to her burgeoning lesbian daughter Isabelle is a classic study in intolerance of all sorts kinds. 

Brooke Smith, who famously helped coax Calllie out of the closet as Erica Hahn on Grey's Anatomy, played Nancy's dead husband's first wife in season three, providing loads of fodder between the two. Every scene Smith is in is just pure gold:

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Season seven brought about loads of changes for the Botwins, including a move to New York, where Nancy faced off with a formidable opponent as played by Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Michelle Trachtenberg as the king pin of the Pouncey House pot ring. Here Nancy gives her the "mother" lecture: 

Weeds' producers must have heard the collective prayers for a Mary Louise Parker lesbian make-out scene because they answered the call with a hot-and-heavy session between Nancy and her cell mate Zoya in season seven. 

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