Watch: Out Designer Alicia Hardesty's 'Project Runway' Exit Interview

Watch: Out Designer Alicia Hardesty's 'Project Runway' Exit Interview

Project Runway Season 10 had a host of colorful characters among the cast, few as interesting off screen as lesbian designer Alicia Hardesty. A Kentucky girl with fierce dreads who still loves fried green tomatoes and anything her mammaw cooks, Hardesty moved to Los Angeles with her girlfriend, actress Lauren King, in hopes of taking her own clothing line, the Kickstarter-funded Original Tomboy, to the next level.

Unfortunately, her time on Project Runway has ended after eight episodes. In last night’s episode “Starving Artist,” the nine designers remaining this season worked in teams of three for a two-part challenge.

For the first part of the challenge the teams were tasked with decorating white t-shirts to sell on the streets of New York in order to pay for materials to use in the runway challenge. Alicia was on a team with Dmitry and Elena, and they made $500 worth of sales, the least of the three teams.

For the elimination challenge, each team was to produce two looks for fall, one of which needed to include outerwear. Alicia’s contribution to the team’s looks was a pair of black skinny pants and light pink top. While Alicia’s pieces were nice, they were simple and failed to stand out.

Her teammates’ pieces may have had a number of flaws, but they also showed more of the designers’ personalities.

Following the challenge, the judges ranked the teams and designers, naming Sonjia as the winner. As for the bottom spot, Alicia, Dmitry and Elena’s team came in last, which meant it was most likely that one of them would be eliminated.

Alicia had failed to really impress the judges throughout her time on the show, and with her failure to wow the judges with her skinny pants and top in this challenge, they sent her packing.

Check out Alicia’s exit interview below:

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