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One Million Moms Goes After Jillian Michaels' Dirty Mouth

One Million Moms Goes After Jillian Michaels' Dirty Mouth


The ever-hysterical One Million Moms is out to take on another lesbian they don't like, after a several-times failed boycott of JCPenney for its partnership with Ellen DeGeneres and for featuring gay and lesbian couples in its ads.

Now, the falsely-named group has turned its attention to out trainer Jillian Michaels, the hard-ass, take-no-prisoners fitness guru on NBC's The Biggest Loser. This time, One Million Moms doesn't have their panties in a twist about Michaels' lesbian identity, but rather over Michaels' dirty mouth.

Describing their linguistic outrage over Monday's episode, OMM writes that their excitement over the inclusion of teenagers in the show was "extinguished almost immediately once the vulgarity and obscenities from trainer, Jillian Michaels, ignite and continue throughout the show."

"At one point the children are outside the gym with trainer Dolvett Quince, and Jillian is screaming obscenities so loud in the gym that they can hear them from outside," the pearl-clutchers continue. "The network failed to bleep out this foul language and other choice words the trainer used during the entire program. What a disgrace!"

The group admits that the show has some "excellent qualities," but says "Jillian's profanity and conduct is ruining it."

Closing with a friendly reminder about the apparently communal nature of the Federal Communications Commission, which regulates speech on TV and radio, OMM vaguely threatens to turn the FCC loose on NBC if it doesn't clean up that dirty mouth. 

Maybe we should all chip in to buy Jillian some Orbitz gum? Or maybe that would be a better use for the mouths of these "One Million Moms."

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