Jane Lynch Loves Jodie Foster…'s Golden Globes Speech

Jane Lynch Loves Jodie Foster…'s Golden Globes Speech
Sunnivie Brydum

Reaction to Jodie Foster's meandering coming-out speech at the Golden Globes last week has been quick, fierce, and varied. The Advocate's editor in chief argued that by avoiding using the words "gay" or "lesbian," Foster missed an opportunity for meaningful visibility. 

And this weekend, SNL's only out cast member, Kate McKinnon, good-naturedly lambasted Foster's abstract coming-out in a spot-on sketch.

Now, fellow out funny lady Jane Lynch has weighed in on the Oscar-winner's acknowledgment of the worst-kept secret in Hollywood.

"It was really moving and touching," Lynch told TV Guide's William Keck. "I loved that she shared a little bit about her inner life with us, and what she said about her mother [who suffers from dementia] broke my heart. I like the fact that she operates without telling everybody what she's doing. It was a big moment that she let us into her private thoughts, and I'm really grateful I was there for it."

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