Watch: Kate McKinnon Channels Carmela Soprano on SNL

Watch: Kate McKinnon Channels Carmela Soprano on SNL
Sunnivie Brydum

Last week's episode of Saturday Night Live was hit-or-miss, with a couple patently unfunny sketches that seemed to skewer being gay. But as usual, the only out cast member and definitely the funniest lady on the crew, Kate McKinnon, killed it as a young Carmela Soprano in a sketch called Soprano High.

The skit imagined the mobsters of The Sopranos as high schoolers in the '80s — despite the fact that none of the characters would have been in high school during that era. As the faux-preview noted, apparently producers had some extra costumes lying around from The Carrie Diaries and figured they may as well make a second flashback series and bastardize another piece of classic American television. 

Watch McKinnon struggle with her love-hate relationship with the infamous Tony Soprano below. 

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