Watch: Gossip's New Video for 'Get A Job'

Watch: Gossip's New Video for 'Get A Job'

The video for indie rock trio Gossip's latest single, "Get A Job" off their album A Joyful Noise, is a snarky send-up to all those demanding that to be a real adult, "you'd better get a job." With lyrics like "It was adorable when you were in your 20s, not so cute any more now that you're pushing 30," cut to the core of the issue, as queer front woman Beth Ditto takes a romp in just about every entry-level position you never wanted to have, including as a happy-endings masseuse, a telemarketer, dental hygienist, phone sex operator and cat groomer.

Ditto is an out, fierce, fat femme who has been taking the music and fashion world by storm with her indie rock trio, Gossip, and clothing and makeup lines insisting that big girls have a seat at the table. In a recent interview with The Advocate, Ditto talks about growing up poor in the rural South, her queer femme identity, and just how she ended up a world-famous music and fashion icon who enjoys "Hasselhoff-like fame" in Europe.

Watch the video below. 

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